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Choosing the perfect grill is a difficult task, even if it doesn’t seem that way. Why? Because today the market offers hundreds of options that let the imagination of the lovers of Sunday barbecues or perfectly cooked meats run wild.

However, to take a first step towards the correct choice for this appliance, that you’ll certainly consider a member of your home (let alone the most important guest on any occasion), we’ll give you some basic advice.



The 4 golden rules to purchase a grill

1.- Choose the right fuel. When we talk about the “right” fuel we mean the way you like to grill. There are those who prefer gas and those who can’t conceive a barbecue without charcoal. In any case, it’s a matter of taste.

Gas grill lovers will tell you that it’s the cleanest option and that they are better than charcoal grills because they emit less carbon monoxide, and don’t leave soot in the atmosphere. However, those inclined for the latter will assure you that there’s nothing better for meat than the smoke from firewood.

However, there is a third option in this discussion: electric grills. Condemned by purists, they have nothing to envy to gas or charcoal grills -in terms of cooking-, and size is among one their most important advantages.

2.- Brand. A good brand is the guarantee that no matter what type of grill you choose, you will have the endorsement of quality and possibility of having adequate technical support and accessories. In our catalog we have 2 of the best brands on the market:  Coyote  and Alfresco.

3.- Size. Each grill has a specific cooking surface. Obviously, the size of the appliance is proportional to the cooking area, so you’ll need a place to install it. Consider this when choosing the perfect one for you, but remember that having little space isn’t a limitation to have a luxury grill at home either.

4.- Use.  More than size, fuel and even the brand, the main thing to consider when choosing the perfect grill is that it satisfies the use you’ll give to it. Remember that if you want one of those that last a long time, with as little care as possible from your part, you’ll have to make a good investment; which is why it’s important to choose an appliance suitable for your habits and the size of your family.


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4 options, one choice

If you love the strength and blue flames of gas, and also have plenty of space available in your garden, then the ideal grill for you is the ALXE-42 by Alfresco.

Manufactured entirely of stainless steel -which turns it into an almost indestructible piece- this appliance can satisfy the tastes and needs of even th Also, it comes in 8 models -which include options for built-in installation or a cart- and is the only one on the market capable of offering 15 different ways to cook on the same device.

But let’s say your thing is more the strength and smoky smell of charcoal. In this case, we advise you to consider what the asado cooker C1CHCSFS by Coyote has to offer. This is a compact equipment that takes up little space, so its maintenance is easy and practical. Equipped with the Standard Coyote Signature Smoking Grate™ system, this grill guarantees efficient heat diffusion, achieving that desired crisp cooking on the outside and juiciness on the inside.

And if the previous options don’t apply to the space you have available, but you still want to have a great grill at home, the one suitable for you is the portable electric grill C1EL120SM by Coyote. This compact appliance(18.1″ wide, 11.4″ high and 16.2″ deep) will delight you with the perfectly cooked meat and grilled vegetables thanks to its 156 square inch Teflon-coated area and ceramic grid that’ll allow you to achieve professional quality sealing when cooking at high temperatures.

We want to end this tour through the best options when it comes to grills that we consider the perfect combination of two worlds: the C1HY50 by Coyote. This is a large equipment (50″) that combines in the same space the possibility of cooking meats individually with gas or charcoal.

To fans of gas grills this appliance offers great power, since it has two high performance Coyote I-Burners™ (up to 40,000 BTU of output), while to charcoal fans this equipment provides not only the same cooking area as the gas grill, but also an adjustable fuel tray with the possibility to use both charcoal and wood chips, plus a compartment with adjustable shock absorbers to control airflow and give meats the characteristic smoky taste of this cooking style.

So, while you may have the last word, we are certain that with this information we just shared, you will be able to make the best choice for your perfect grill.













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