Kitchen Sinks

They are functional, durable and feature an impressive design. The minimalist design of the pots, with its basic rectangular shape, is perfectly integrated into modern and functional kitchens. Choose the right model for the kitchen of your dreams among the different designs and sizes of pots. Should it be made of traditional stainless steel or natural SilicaTec granite? Find the correct color of the pots in the Kindred collection to match the style of your kitchen.

Kitchen Faucets

The finishing touch for your Kindred Sink.
A well-engineered faucet made with high-quality components makes life in the kitchen so much simpler.

Waste Disposers

Kindred Waste Disposers eliminate odors entirely and help reduce household garbage. Easy to operate. Simply turn on the cold water at the sink, empty food waste into the disposer opening, and switch on the unit with an on/off wall switch, or a mounted air switch (sold separately). It only takes seconds. Excellent for people who love to cook, Kindred waste disposers help simplify the cleanup process of food preparation.

Plumbing Accessories

Lasting quality that you can see and feel.
All stainless steel sinks are made of high quality steel, one millimeter thick, hand welded. It is durable, hygienic and easy to clean. Enjoy the range of accessories we have for you


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