Discover stainless steel, custom-panel refrigerators and freezers that reflect what you love. Whether it’s delighting dinner party guests with exotic ingredients, inviting friends over to sample rare vintage wines, or storing home-grown fruits and vegetables, this newly redesigned Freedom® Refrigeration Collection offers a wealth of personalization options.


Thermador luxury dishwashers are the perfect ones in the industry fit to handle your dishes, with unparalleled performance, capacity, speed and flexibility. Having sheer beauty with an option for flush, custom panels, and a choice between two sleek handle options, this product is a perfect fit for your kitchen.


Available in sleek designs to complement any kitchen, Thermador Induction cooktops provide an unmatched precision for even the most challenging recipes, offering more means of control, movement and personalization than any other cooktops on the market.


Available in two bold styles—Masterpiece or Professional Series—Thermador convection, steam, and speed ovens serve as the perfect sous chefs for exceptional cooks.


Offering a style and size for every kitchen, Thermador provides a variety of personalized configurations to suit your culinary needs. Achieve your culinary dreams with standout design and unmatched performance — from our customized cooking surfaces to oven cavities.


ExtraLow Simmer System

Even your most complex recipes are no match for Thermador ExtraLow®. It offers an unbeatably wide temperature range, with simmer settings as low as 100 degrees. Get precisely the amount of heat you need for any recipe, from delicate sauces to delectable desserts, and ensure that your culinary creations are as exceptional as you envisioned.

Patented Star Burner

The Star Burner’s unique shape isn’t just for show. It creates a perimeter 56% longer than a round burner of the same size, which allows the inclusion of more flame ports. The result is a stove burner that delivers superior flame spread and a reduced cold spot for faster and more even heating across any size pan.

Freedom Hinge

Engineered specifically for the Freedom Collection, all units feature a heavy duty hinge that can open to 115°, allowing full-height, integrated doors and Truly Flush Mounted installation without sacrificing accessibility. The hinge also supports virtually any wood panel on your custom panel refrigerator column or bottom freezer.

Select eligible refrigeration models Must include Column, Panel, Handle

Refrigerator Column

  • T23IR900SP
  • T24IR900SP   T24IR800SP
  • T30IR900SP   T30IR800SP

Refrigerator Panels

  • TFL23IR900
  • TFL24IR800   TCH24IR800*
  • TFL30IR800   TCH30IR800*

Refrigerator Handles

  • T23IR900SP
  • MS36HNDL10   MS36HNDL20
  • PR36HNDL10   PR36HNDL20

Select eligible freezer models Must include Column, Panel, Handle

Freezer Column

  • T18ID900LP   TI8ID800LP
  • T18ID900RP   T18ID800RP
  • T18IF900SP   T18IF800SP

Freezer Panels

  • TFL18ID800   TCH18ID800*
  • TFL18IR800   TCH18IR800*

Freezer Handles

  • MS36HNDL10   MS36HNDL20
  • PR36HNDL10   PR36HNDL20

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La Cuisine Appliances has the widest range of Thermador products that are fine in quality. Thermador provides the most compatible appliances that are made to compliment your kitchen. Offer your kitchen the supreme quality of products.

Star-Sapphire® Dishwashers

A high level of engineering that’s perceivable by all the senses. Unsurpassed fit & fresh extend throughout our product lines, adding an immaculate feel of quality.

The 60-Inch Pro Grand® Range

The Ultimate Culinary Series is here—extraordinary ranges and ventilation units for devout cooks and avid entertainers. Revel in the cutting-edge innovation, personalization and exceptional versatility of our Ultimate Culinary Center and Ultimate Entertainer’s Center. 60-Inch Pro Grand® Ranges and ventilation products available in several configurations.

A Fusion of Innovation and Taste

Thermador products incorporate design and customized features developed to meet the needs of consumers and trade professionals, based on insights provided by both audiences

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