Since 1931, JURA has stood for quality, innovation, world-class design, and sustainability.

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All Jura coffee machines are highly durable and long-lasting. The highest quality standards are established for their production, and they undergo strict resistance tests that simulate a wide range of conditions of use. Additionally, they design new and improved components that are compatible with previous versions.

Coffee is a pleasure – freshly ground, not capsuled.

The result of a good cup of coffee obtained from fresh beans, freshly ground at the touch of a button, freshly extracted, in less than sixty seconds, fully adapting to individual taste, is achieved by a variety of technologies.

The Product Recognizing Grinder (P.R.G.) guarantees optimal ground coffee according to each specialty. Its grinding capabilities range from fine levels for short classics to coarse levels for longer specialties.

The ideal extraction time is a decisive factor in achieving the optimal result. For this reason, together with the standard infusion process, JURA has developed the Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.®) for short specialties such as Ristretto or Espresso, and the One-Touch Lungo function for long specialties.

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98% of the coffee is made up of water; therefore, it is essential to use a combination of fresh and cold water to obtain the perfect cup of coffee. When the water is heated, the lime it contains is deposited with The Intelligent Water System (IWS) with CLARIS Smart filter cartridge, protecting the machine from limescale deposits and extending its service life.

Thanks to the technology for fine foam, JURA’s innovative milk foam frother prepares a light milk foam with a long-lasting consistency and heats the milk to the desired temperature.



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The ENA 8 model of this line is an automatic machine that many would define as small, simple and beautiful. Its design catches the eye due to its round water tank inspired by elegant glass jugs. Additionally, the ENA 8 stands out with its freshly ground coffee specialties that provide the most exquisite flavor at the touch of a button.


The JURA S line creates a new range of automatic coffee machines: the Premium mid-range. The great diversity of incredible specialties and superb coffee results convince even the most demanding connoisseurs.

The S8’s professional Aroma grinding mechanism grinds the beans twice as fast in a way that is particularly delicate with the aroma of coffee. It also has the new professional fine foam frother, specially developed for the preparation of specialty coffees with milk and milk foam.

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The latest generation of the JURA E line is a reinterpretation of design and advantages, which until now were reserved for the highest range. The innovative E8 masters 17 specialties, from the aromatic Espresso to the popular Cortado. Even longer, milder specialties like Barista coffee and Lungo Barista look and taste like they were made in a coffee shop.

The E6 model of this Jura line is notable for its easy handling and excellent results in the preparation of the 11 specialties it offers.


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The JURA X line is very versatile, and the X8 model stands out due to its wide range of coffee specialties refined with milk and milk foam, as well as black coffee specialties. It also prepares hot water at different temperature levels, perfect for tea lovers.

The X8 has a height-adjustable combination spout that can prepare one or two coffee specialties simultaneously, and its innovative AromaG3 grinding mechanism will allow you to instantly grind the coffee beans in each preparation to the ideal grinding degree.


The WE8 model from JURA’s WE line is an elegant professional automatic coffee machine that can prepare up to 16 different specialties, ideal for coffee lovers.

Not only is the WE8 a great choice for offices because of the variety of specialty coffees it offers, but also because of its large capacity and user-friendly TFT display.



You are able to tailor your JURA coffee machine to your preference with the accessories available.


JURA maintenance products allow you to preserve and care for the quality of your coffee machine.

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