Solutions for a new quality of life at home.

Each Falmec bell is entirely developed, designed and built in Vittorio Veneto, a city located in one of the most important Italian production districts, where a true industrial culture specialized in steel is mixed with the ingenuity and artisan skills rooted in this territory.

The Air Factory

A future that began long ago.

Falmec was born in 1981 as a small artisanal business and has grown today to be one of Italy’s centres of excellence and a leading international player in the market. An “air factory” with a state-of-the-art approach, an experience in the design and manufacture of extraction solutions, developed through years of experience.


The true value of “Made in Italy” is embodied in a real product culture: an absolute guarantee of quality that is found in every product and that starts from design, through the care of detail and the perfection in the making, to end with the choice of the finest materials.

Why Falmec?

Quality of life.

Falmec continues to transform customer needs for wellness and home air quality into products and solutions that enhance daily life and home comfort. All the senses are relieved: smell, through the efficiency of our bells; sight and touch through sophisticated design and high-quality materials; listening through extreme tranquility.


Falmec air solutions.

Falmec, thanks to its expertise in the field of extraction, today offers multiple technological and aesthetic proposals, suitable to every style and need, always proposing the best option. Let yourself be inspired by the countless Falmec air solutions!

Circle.Tech, certified and patented technology.

Home atmosphere will never be the same.

Unlike traditional cooker hoods, Circle.Tech filtering units develop horizontally rather than vertically. The outflowing air is conveyed through a filtering unit surrounding the motor and evenly distributed. Given its circular shape, the filtering surface reaches the maximum extension, thus achieving excellent performances in terms of suction capacity, top filtering results and extreme quietness. Indeed, balanced distribution of outflowing air reduces turbulence and, consequently, the noise produced by the operating hood.

Types of installation.

E.ion System.

The only hoods that purify the air.

Falmec offers a unique technology that allows you to recreate an ionic atmosphere in your kitchen, using controlled bipolar ionization. Ionic atmospheres naturally remove unpleasant odors and also restore balance.

Falmec patented technology.

Through controlled bipolar ionization, the hoods of the E.ion® system release ions similar to those present in the atmosphere in your kitchen. This neutralizes unpleasant odors, as well as irritants and pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, mites, pollen, spores, dust and exhaust gases and other gases. The ions also have a positive effect on physical and psychological well-being, improving mood and concentration.

The new shape of filtration.

The circle represents perfection, the traditional symbol of something that has neither beginning nor end, formed of a single line whose ends join together and cancel each other out. Inspired by this form, Falmec has developed a new line of hoods that combine extraction and filtration in a single element, allowing maximum efficiency and minimum impact on space.

NRS®: a quiet kitchen.

Finally a hood that makes no noise.

Falmec has developed a solution that cancels out hood noise using innovative technology.

NRS™ technology allows you to cook, work, talk and listen to music without hearing the noise typical of cooker hoods, while benefiting from the best air suction performance.

No-Drop™ System. No more dripping in your kitchen.

The difference is not felt, but experienced.

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