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At every stage of Gaggenau’s appliance production, a craftsman examines their work to ensure that each product is free of imperfections. This constant quality control is what gives Gaggenau an exceptional reputation built by hand, since 1683.

Cooking, enjoying, sharing- it all occurs in one place in the house: THE KITCHEN. And if the kitchen is the heart of the home, then Gaggenau is the soul of the kitchen.



Gaggenau is as committed to craftsmanship today as they were more than 300 years ago. Of the 840 assembly processes involved in building their refrigerators, 813 are assembled by hand, as well as their iconic 90 cm wide ovens. Even though they’ve been craftsmen from the beginning, Gaggenau enjoys and skillfully utilizes the latest technology.


Each piece is conceived, designed and elaborated, with the highest quality standard, the Gaggenau standard.

Furthermore, the principle of the professional kitchen is the basis of Gaggenau, and it is the same approach that they use for the residential kitchen.


Gaggenau creates their appliances based primarily on their function, but with the additional consideration of aesthetics. The design must work exceptionally and infallibly, making their home appliances a functional art piece for your home.





The Gaggenau oven is inspired by the professional kitchen. They offer a large number of advantages, such as their temperature capacity of 300°C and the internal probe that allows maximum precision in temperature. Gaggenau ovens impress, both visually and in use.


Gaggenau’s wide range of refrigeration will complement your kitchen and provide the chef with the freshest ingredients. Gaggenau refrigerators are of exceptional performance, thanks to the quality and precision of their refrigeration technology, being able to detect and react to the most delicate of foods.

In addition, for wine lovers, the Gaggenau wine cooler will ensure that your wine is stored, protected, exhibited and prepared for your enjoyment, with competitive functions that are equivalent to a winery.



Both the 400 and 200 series adhere to the Gaggenau principle of exceptional materials, cunningly designed and skillfully assembled by craftsmen. Both series offer a modular ‘Vario’ option allowing you to create your own bespoke workstation that includes specialized appliances that will allow you to perform specific cooking techniques. The difference between the two series are scale, aesthetic and control.


Good ventilation becomes increasingly important in a kitchen. Whether it’s ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted, in-cabinet, island-mounted or countertop-mounted, Gaggenau manually or automatically controlled extractor fans have been designed with discretion, low noise, and air flow.



The 400 and 200 series clean your dishes gently, quietly and efficiently. You’ll be able to choose from a variety of innovations, including Zeolite technology for enhanced drying, smooth-running rails and silicone-tipped folding shelves to keep glassware secure. You can also opt for the flexible hinge system that allows the dishwasher to be placed almost anywhere. Plus, they all offer Home Connect for remote access and programs you can customize to your dishes’ unique requirements.


The 400 and 200 series of automatic coffee machines allow you to prepare coffee at a professional level at home. You can create personalized drinks to satisfy individual preference at an instant. The coffee machines integrate perfectly in combination with the Gaggenau ovens.

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Gaggenau is a recognized quality brand, and its recipe is a well-kept secret, but it is undoubtedly based on effort and innovation. Like the quadruple and thermal lined oven doors on their ovens, which are anything but usual. For Gaggenau, they are a must, as they ensure that much of the heat is reflected back inside the oven and that the outer panel remains at a maximum temperature of 75°C, even when the self-cleaning process is running at a very high temperature. . This is guaranteed by their careful selection of materials and perfect workmanship.
Every time you touch one of your appliances, you'll feel legendary Gaggenau quality.
Gaggenau has been a pioneer in home appliances and the leading innovator in "made in Germany" technology and design. Gaggenau's leadership is underscored by the more than 300 patents that have been granted throughout his successful history. His best-known innovations include the ceramic hob, the built-in oven, the self-cleaning pyrolytic oven, the combi-steam oven and the Vario Cooling 400 series, which is the modular system that made the world's first "cooling wall" possible.

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