Fully integrated refrigerators, refrigerator-freezer combinations and freezers with multiple climate zones are available in the modular refrigeration 400 series. The stainless steel interiors are illuminated by LED light pillars. The wine climate cabinets’ two temperature zones allow you to store and showcase your collection.


The Gaggenau 400 series and 200 series dishwashers feature informative TFT displays as well as handle-free push-to-open doors, projection of the remaining wash cycle time onto the floor, as well as clever loading options for large and fragile items. Gaggenau continues the story of a streamlined kitchen. This is dishwashing at its finest with care and efficiency.


The entire surface of the CX 491 induction cooktop can be used as one large cooking zone. The cookware is automatically identified and heated exactly where it stands. The cooktop itself is operated intuitively using an extra-large TFT touch display which shows the positions, sizes and shapes of the cookware.


Ovens are at the heart of the professional as well as the private kitchen. The iconic EB 333 and the sculptural 400 series each provide extraordinary and distinct baking experiences.


There is a cooktop for every space and each aspiring chef. The versatility of induction, gas, or glass ceramic cooktops can be combined with the more specialized electric grill, steamer, teppan yaki, or deep fryer. All crafted to fit perfectly together. Whether flush- or surface-mounted, the expansive, professional Vario 400 series cooktops or the compact, understated Vario 200 series cooktops will transform the cooking space.


Effortless, silent and clever. The 400 series and 200 series ventilation systems can be controlled manually or automatically, mounted on the ceiling, on the wall, above islands, or on the cooktop. Each option is extraordinary. As the kitchen becomes a place for both cooking and entertaining, having good ventilation becomes even more vital. Everything has been designed with discretion and airflow in mind, creating a system that performs exceptionally well and quietly behind the scenes.


The gas cooktop impresses with up to 18 kilowatts on five burners. A three-piece cast iron roaster support with a flat, continuous pot surface, automatic quick ignition and electronic flame monitoring ensure maximum convenience when cooking.


This fully automatic coffee machine prepares every variation of espresso and milk-based drinks, as well as the classic cup of coffee, warm milk and hot water for other beverages, including tea.


The combi-steam oven is with a fixed water connection and drainage. Its five humidity levels and temperatures of up to 446°F, enable it to do just about everything: steaming, baking, simmering, braising, regeneration, juicing, as well as grilling and browning. Thanks to the oven’s accurate temperature regulation, food can even be cooked sous-vide. The latest innovation: a fully automatic cleaning system that can be easily operated at the push of a button.


The ultimate in wine storage comes in a variety of sizes, with a lit showcase area and multiple climate zones. These cabinets are full of intelligent touches: the bottles are shielded from the vibration of the motor whilst extendable beech and aluminium shelving protects wine from any errant aromas.


Gaggenau’s stylish storage drawers with a huge capacity help you to be prepared for any occasion. Store plates, silverware or platters that you’ll be using on different occasions. Every drawer of Gaggenau is equipped with the best features so that smooth and effortless opening and closing can be performed. Compliment your kitchen with the smoothest drawers in the market.


Choose the best suited appliances for your kitchen from La Cuisine Appliances which offers a vast range of premium quality products from the well-known brand Gaggenau. Eased operation, comfort and convenience is what we focus on.

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Perceivable Quality

Gaggenau has had plenty of time to build up a very special expertise: In our early production of enameled signs we acquired valuable skills for the manufacture of enameled ovens. Today, the typical blue Gaggenau enamel is a recognized brand and quality mark – and its recipe is a closely guarded trade secret.

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Optimum quality in every detail.

Quadruple-glazed, thermally coated oven doors are anything but usual. For us, they are an indispensable requirement, because they ensure that much of the heat is reflected to the oven’s interior and that the outer pane remains at a temperature of at most 75°C, even when the self-cleaning process runs at a temperature of 485°. This is ensured by our careful selection of materials and our perfect workmanship. Every time you touch one our appliances, you feel the legendary Gaggenau quality.

Bosch Luxary Appliances

Unlimited cooking convenience
for home chefs.

Much of what today’s households take for granted was originally developed by Gaggenau. Gaggenau has been a home appliance pioneer and the leading innovator in technology and design “made in Germany.” Gaggenau’s leadership is underscored by the more than 300 patents it has been awarded over its successful history. Not only was the development of the built-in oven heavily influenced by Gaggenau – its best-known innovations also include the glass-ceramic cooktop, the pyrolytic self-cleaning oven, the combi-steam oven for the home and the Vario cooling 400 series, the modular system that made the world’s first “refrigeration wall” possible.


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