6 Tips for a trendy kitchen  


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Today’s kitchen design isn’t simply following some rules for a space where food is prepared. The current trends in this regard are inclined to create spaces that are functional, aesthetic, and full of personality. 

So, if you are looking to renovate your kitchen with a trendier style, here are 6 tips that will help you with this task. These tips, inspired by the ideas of expert interior designers, will allow you to transform this key space in your home for a fresh makeover. 

The top 6 

Representative trends in the kitchen invite you to combine styles and even experiment with colors that you would never have thought to include. Here we present a top 6 to give a 360° change to this space of the home. 

No. 1 Unconventional tiles. If you want to add a fresh touch to your modern kitchen, forget about conventional tiles, and choose materials that extend across the front of the workspace, eliminating visible joints. 

Consider large format rectified tiles or porcelain slabs for an impeccable and sophisticated finish. 

No. 2 Framed doors. In 2024, kitchens have reclaimed privacy. While some are still reluctant to let go of the open concept, the truth is that the kitchen seems to be closing again. 

That is why you will see that many interior designers are betting on placing framed glass doors in their designs. This type of door provides an elegant and modern touch, which narrows the area and delimits its perimeter. If you dare to try it, the suggestion is simplicity, so avoid frames with complex or overloaded designs. 

No. 3 Strategic lighting. Artificial light is essential in a modern kitchen. Design a lighting scheme that combines warm lights over work areas and the island with ambient lights to create a cozy atmosphere. 

We also suggest incorporating designer lamps to raise the aesthetic level of the space. 

No. 4 Bold colors. Although Pantone’s color of the year, Peach Fuzz,  has been incorporated into the kitchen successfully, the truth is that if you want to add a fresh touch to this space there is no specific color to use. 

The choice of color depends on the size of the room and the personality of its owners. Dare to mix neutral tones with wood accents or vibrant colors to add character to the environment. 

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No. 5 Matte and ultra-matte finishes. In a modern space, matte finishes are the ideal choice. Avoid excessive shine and opt for silky textures or cashmere for furniture fronts. 

Choose high-quality materials that provide durability and elegance to the kitchen. 

No. 6 Integrated handles or no handles. To maintain a clean, minimalist design, consider integrated handles on kitchen cabinets, or even no handles at all. Both are hot trends that offer a more polished look to shelves and allow you to highlight other design elements. 

As you will see, these are simple tips that you can incorporate to transform your kitchen into a modern and functional space that reflects your unique style. Get inspired and create the kitchen of your dreams! 


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