5 Nest-shaped buildings that defy the limits of architecture  


Contemporary architecture constantly surprises us with its ability to innovate and challenge established conventions. A fascinating trend that has emerged in recent years is the creation of buildings inspired by the shape and structure of birds’ nests. 

These architectural works are not only visually stunning but also represent an innovative approach to urban design and sustainable construction. Who wouldn’t be amazed by a building with such a particular shape? That’s why we will introduce you to five nest-shaped buildings that stand out for their originality and creativity. 

Stork Nest Farm, a nest for horses 

Located in Semtín, Czech Republic, the Stork Nest Farm is much more than a traditional farmhouse. This impressive pole-covered dome serves as a riding arena, designed by Prague-based studio, SGL Projekt. 

Inspired by the storks that resided on the roof of the distillery, this project offers a unique fusion of rural and modern architecture. The use of natural materials, such as wood and concrete, is combined with an innovative design that allows natural light to enter through an eight-meter-wide skylight on the roof. 

The Bird’s Nest, a hotel nestled in the forest 

© Tree

This huge nest-like structure, designed by Swedish studio Inredningsgruppen, is part of the Tree Hotel in northern Sweden. This work was built in harmony with the surrounding nature, thus the Nest is covered in branches and supported by existing trees. 

Inside, wood paneling, and round windows provide a cozy and unique atmosphere for guests. 

The nest for athletes in Beijing 

Known as the “Bird’s Nest,” the National Stadium in Beijing is an architectural landmark that served as the main venue for the 2008 Olympic Games. Designed by Herzog & de Meuron, this stadium features a distinctive rising and falling bowl shape, symbolizing the union between tradition and modernism in China. 

Built with a mesh of columns and vertical and diagonal supports, the stadium is both a structural gem and a cultural monument. 

Dartmoor Treehouse, a sustainable nesting site 

Inspired by a weaver’s nest, this wooden treehouse in Devon, UK, is an example of collaborative and sustainable architecture as Jerry Tate Architects designed it in collaboration with students. 

This temporary structure uses local wood to create a safe and environmentally friendly shelter in the middle of nature. 

Hotel Mar Adentro, a hotel with a nest  

© Joe Fletcher

Located in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico, Hotel Mar Adentro is an oasis of peace and elegance. Designed by Taller Aragonés, this hotel is composed of white blocks that appear to float above reflecting pools. 

Inspired by minimalist and modernist architecture, the hotel offers a unique luxury experience in a naturally stunning setting and its construction between nest-shaped pools is a wonder of architecture. 

These nest-shaped buildings are just a few examples of how architecture can draw inspiration from nature to create masterpieces that challenge the limits of human imagination and creativity. From the Czech Republic to Mexico, these structures represent the best of contemporary architectural design and invite us to reflect on our role in the construction environment. 


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