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Kitchens with islands have ceased to be just a functional element to become a key element in kitchen design. They not only facilitate the distribution of space and promote hospitality around the stove, but also add a touch of surprise and sophistication to any environment. 

Considered by interior design experts as a consolidated trend that is here to stay, it may seem that an island in the kitchen is suitable only for large spaces. But the reality is that it can also be an excellent option for smaller kitchens. 

Preliminary considerations 

There are different types of islands, some house the cooktop, others the sink, while some are purely for storage or expanding the work area. Regardless of their size or function, kitchen islands add versatility and functionality to the space. 

However, before installing an island in your kitchen, there are several factors to consider: 

Style and size: It is important to adapt the style and size of the island to the rest of the space. The island can be built with the same materials as the rest of the furniture or highlighted with a contrasting finish. You must leave enough room around the island to facilitate movement around it and maintain an adequate distance from other furniture. 

Uses: Define the uses it will have to make the necessary installations. If the island serves as a preparation area, it will need sink and dishwasher outlets. If it is used for cooking, it will require an outlet for the cooktop and an extractor hood. Islands can also integrate breakfast areas or bars, so plan accordingly. 

Countertop materials: The choice of countertop material is crucial, as it will be an important work surface. In addition to being easy to clean and durable, the finish can be an added decorative element. Today’s options range from natural stone to customizable synthetic materials. 

Pair each island with its type of kitchen 

Knowing the above, we can move on to the types of kitchens. 

Made in stone. Imagine that you want your kitchen to look like something out of a restored Italian palace, where every detail breathes history and elegance. The island, in this case, must be the undisputed protagonist. Therefore, it should be made of Bardiglio stone or marble. This type of island is perfect for kitchens that seek a touch of luxury and sophistication without sacrificing authenticity and tradition. 

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Rustic and modern. Contradictory? Not necessarily. This kind of island features a lower part that evokes the essence of a farmhouse kitchen and a granite or quartz slab on top that adds an urban and refined touch. This subtle and elegant combination is perfect for those looking for a timeless and cozy style. 

Why not go bold with a splash of color? Just imagine a kitchen with an island in a vibrant deep blue, a bold red, or even orange. Certainly, this kind of island is the star of the space, as it brings joy and vitality to the environment. 

Border or frontier. This style of island acts as a room divider, seamlessly integrating the kitchen into the living room. Stools often serve as transitional elements between the two environments, while the combination of colors and materials creates a modern and inviting atmosphere. This winning combination is ideal for spaces that seek to maximize functionality and style. 

Choosing the right island for your kitchen depends on the style you want to achieve and the specific needs of your space. Our suggestion in either case is to make sure your island reflects the personality you want to give to the heart of your home. 


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