Coyote C1EL120SM the luxury of having an amazing grill indoors


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Having a grill like the Coyote C1EL120SM  at home is definitely a luxury. The case is that the confinement due to COVID19 has certainly taught us that we need to have indoors all the comforts that we have outdoors.

However, some people think there’s a limit to that. They say you can’t have everything at home, especially when it comes to grilling. In fact, some barbecue lovers look at electric grills skeptically.

You’ll probably hear more than one of them say things like: “Grilling at home just like it’s done outdoors? That’s impossible, that requires large equipment that works with gas or charcoal and of course plenty of space.”

But don’t listen to them. They probably don’t know that Coyote, a brand specialized in manufacturing outdoor kitchens, has a powerful ace up its sleeve to bring down all those beliefs: its electric grill C1EL120SM, equipped with everything you need to be able to enjoy indoors that they think can only be done outdoors.

Small, but with everything you need

You don’t need to have a big house with a patio to enjoy the perfect barbecue. Why? Because regardless of the space you have available in your home or apartment, the portable electric grill C1EL120SM by Coyote will allow you to enjoy Sunday afternoons of grilled meats and vegetables, without having to deal with charcoal, propane, or natural gas.

This electric grill offers a 156-square-inch cooking area coated in Teflon and a ceramic heat control grid. The latter will allow you to achieve a professional quality sealing when you cook meats at high temperature.

This equipment that only measures 18.1’’ wide, 11.4’’ high, and 16.2’’ deep, comes with a powerful heating element of 1,300-watts that can reach a temperature of 550 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes the Coyote C1EL120SM a powerful, extremely versatile, and portable device. That is, it’s easy to store because it isn’t a bulky grill.


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Made of stainless-steel, this grill made for indoor use, can also be used outdoors without inconveniences. It has an absolutely sophisticated design and can be set on a table, integrated into your outdoor kitchen, or placed on a pedestal. In fact, the brand has a special stainless-steel stand for this model that is sold as an accessory and is an ideal complement for you to use it safely both inside and outside the home.

This appliance has a reliable electrical ignition system that makes it user-friendly. It also comes with a large, easy-to-read temperature meter to guarantee you cook your meats or vegetables just how you and your guests expect them. Additionally, the grill has a 60-minute safety timer with surge protector, which ensures its use without additional worries.

As if that wasn’t enough, Coyote also thought about the built-in option. To do this, the appliance’s frame can be removed to allow the grill to be installed on any surface.

As you can see, there’s no reason to limit yourself. If you want a large grill for your apartment, or one not so bulky for your outdoor kitchen, this is the equipment you are looking for.


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