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If there is a brand that knows all the tricks when it comes to outdoor kitchens it’s Alfresco. For that reason, the lovers of those outdoor Sunday gatherings will immediately find that the ALXE-42 of this brand is a luxury turned into a grill.

Fully made in stainless-steel, so the passage of time doesn’t take away its beauty, this grill can satisfy all the tastes and needs of the outdoor cook. With 8 models -that include options for recessed installation or to be used with a cart- the ALXE-42 by Alfresco is the only one in the market capable of offering 15 ways of cooking in the same appliance.


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Dream Features

In any of its 8 models, you will find common features.

• Three high-performance Accufire™ main burners in 18-SR stainless-steel. This system of burners puts the control and the precision of a professional kitchen in your hands. That means that the Accufire™ system guarantees that you can prepare the best grilled food in the world right in your backyard.

• Integrated Mega-Drive™ rotisserie system with infrared burner. Do you like roasted chicken? Well, Alfresco can make your dreams come true. The Mega-Drive™ Rotisserie system is a silent chain food rotation system designed to allow you to roast any of your main dishes, from the smallest to the largest.

• Signature Taste™ integrated smoking system with dedicated burner and drawer for wood chunks. A whole world full of aromas and flavors opens for the aspiring outdoor chef with this stainless-steel drawer where you can put large chunks of wood, spices and herbs, so the fumes wrap the food through the vents of the drawer.

• Large grilling area (770 square inches).

• Dual integrated high-intensity halogen work lights. Cooking at night will not be a problem with this grill. Alfresco has included high intensity lighting in it that leans towards the center of the cooking surface.

• Ergonomic controls. The ALXE-42 grills come with user-friendly stainless-steel push-button ignition controls, which are ergonomically integrated into the front control panel.


La Cuisine International


A grill according to your needs

Considering that each chef has very specific preferences, Alfresco has created a range of possibilities in terms of accessories to complement the ALXE-42 grills. Here are 4 of the most interesting ones:
• Carts. From the standard option (double-door) to the luxury cart (1 door and two drawers) or with a refrigeration option (1 door and two drawers). Everything will depend on what you want, and it can also be combined with accessories.

• Sear Zone. The Sear Zone™ is a high-tech burner that reaches 1500° F in four minutes, allowing you to cook 50% faster.

• Winds guards. Breeze is an incentive during hot days, but when you cook outdoors it can become a problem. With that in mind, Alfresco has made available a steel hood for windy environments. It fits perfectly with any of the grills of the brand.

• Fryer/Steamer. Being able to fry, roast, and steam outdoors is a blessing that Alfresco puts in your hands with this accessory that will certainly add versatility to your grill.

So, once again, Alfresco manages to bedazzle the lovers of outdoor cooking with a whole world of possibilities that only they know how to offer.


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