Coyote C1HY50: gas and charcoal in the same grill


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Only Coyote could think of making a grill like the C1HY50 and reconciling two opposing styles of cooking in one device: gas and charcoal. Well, yes, this grill offers the possibility of having the best of both worlds in the backyard of your home and take advantage of their benefits.

Just imagine the face of your brother-in-law, your cousin or your father-in-law -the one who always criticizes you because you prefer charcoal- when you invite him to a barbecue and you tell him “I’ll do it your way if you do it my way.” Trust us, you’ll have lots of fun, but certainly who will get the most benefits from that competition will be diners who will be able to enjoy charcoal smoked meats and vegetables and fish made on the gas grill.

The first thing we must tell you is that the C1HY50 by Coyote is a large grill (50″) and it offers individual space to cook with gas or charcoal. So, with all that space available to cook, making several dishes simultaneously won’t be a difficult task, but something quite simple.

Fully made of stainless-steel, the durability of this grill is almost eternal. However, you should not forget that keeping the appliance 100% operational will depend on the maintenance and cleaning of burners and other parts of the same.

What gas has to offer

Flame lovers will find in this grill two high performance Coyote I-Burners™. This results in greater cooking power as these burners have up to 40,000 BTU of output.

But also, this section of the grill has interior lighting, which will help you cook comfortably using the 600 square inches of cooking area when the sunset falls.


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The charm of charcoal

Fans of the traditional charcoal will not only get the same benefits out of the cooking area than the gas grill but would also find that its operational space also comes with an adjustable fuel tray.

With the possibility to use both charcoal and wood chips, the compartment for this type of grill has adjustable dampers to control the airflow and add that delicious smoky flavor to meats that the supporters of this style brag about.

Options and accessories

One of the most fantastic features provided by Coyote is that you can customize your grill. For this the brand offers a series of accessories that you can buy separately. So, for example, you can purchase laser-cut grates designed for the  surface area so that airflow and heat help you get better results (CSIGRATE12).

Likewise, you can purchase the grill with the stainless-steel cart (C1HY50CT) or simply make a recessed installation. You can also choose whether you want the grill to work with natural gas or propane (C1HY50NG or C1HY50LP) and to take better care of your investment, you get the custom fit weather resistant cover (CCVR50-BI or CCVR50-CT).

In short, you can not only have a two-in-one grill at home with this model by Coyote, but you can also have the perfect version for you, your family or your needs.


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