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We all love the Sunday afternoon family meal on our home’s garden or terrace. However, if that food can also be healthy, practical, and of the highest quality, there is not much more to think about. The Asado Cooker, from the prestigious brand Coyote, can rise these moments to a higher level of relaxation. Here we give you 10 reasons to take it home.

1. Compact Love
One of the few reasons to resist a barbecue is all the work involved in cleaning outdoor stations, but that isn’t a problem with the Asado Cooker. This is a compact grill that takes up very little space and makes maintenance easy and practical.

2. Real Fire
The ancestral experience of lighting coals has been diluted over time due to gas and electric stoves. The Asado Cooker takes up this experience again by giving the user the advantages of a more economical and portable energy source.

3. Blessed smoke
Nothing can replace the taste, texture, and smell of a piece of good grilled beef. The Standard Coyote Signature Smoking Grate™ system ensures perfect heat diffusion, achieving that desired crisp cooking on the outside and juiciness on the inside.

4. Complete Nutrition

It’s well-known that roasted foods have been shown to keep their vitamins to a greater extent than those prepared by other methods. The Asado Cooker ensures that while having a good time, your family will be fully nourished from the food they consume.


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5. Zero fats

Dietary regimes do not have to be boring. The Asado Cooker offers you delicious foods in a short time without using any type of fat that could be harmful to your body.

6. Anyone want pizza?

Most barbecues can only be used for meat and vegetables; the Asado Cooker has a pizza stone with which you can delight your guests with the smoky flavor of wood.

7. Foolproof resistance

The Asado Cooker is coated with heat resistant ceramic, so regardless of temperature or frequency it will always be kept in the best condition

8. Maximum control

No more burned or overcooked foods. The Asado Cooker gives you the possibility to adjust ventilation to have control over the temperature while cooking.

9. Convenience

The unit comes with a 254-square inch area for chopping, roasting, and covering your food with confidence and comfort. A luxury that you cannot pass up.

10. To your liking

Coyote offers you the possibility to equip this grill with accessories (sold separately) that will make your outdoor area the center of the party. These include: pizza stone, cooking grate grippers, and waterproof cover, among others that come in the kit (ASADO-ACC)

What are you waiting for to start enjoying the best coal can offer?


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