An induction hob for better frying? Bosch did it again


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Having in its catalog an induction hob that helps to fry more easily is certainly one of the great achievements of Bosch. The PXX975KW1E model, from the 8 series, not only offers a flexible space for action but also has a series of advantages that you will hardly find in another hob of its category.


And while being able to cook on the entire surface of the hob using a pot, or several pots of different dimensions, is already a dream come true, just imagine what it can mean that the same hob has PerfectFry. What’s that? Well, we’ll explain it to you below.


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The secret of good frying comes from Bosch.

Yes, we know, fried food isn’t exactly the healthiest. But indulging in a guilty pleasure now and then can make your life a little brighter. However, like any cooking technique, frying also has its tricks, and knowing them will help you know how to prepare delicious food and, more importantly, food that absorbs as little fat as possible, making it healthier and lighter.


In the art of frying, there are three key things: the type of oil chosen, the amount of oil, and above all its temperature. Knowing this, Bosch included the PerfectFry function in the hob model PXX975KW1E, from the 8 series, which achieves perfect frying results thanks to the automatic temperature control.


This induction hob has a TFT touch screen to easily navigate through the menu or select functions and activate them without losing perspective. This allows you to choose the ideal temperature options for each dish, such as PerfectFry.


So, to activate this special cooking system, you just have to select the function from the control panel and choose the temperature level. There are 5 different temperature levels:

  • Level 1: Very low. Perfect for preparing and heating sauces.
  • Level 2: Indicated for frying with olive oil or making omelets.
  • Level 3: Medium/low. Suitable for cooking fish, sausages, pork chops, etc.
  • Level 4: Medium/high. Appropriate to cook steaks or sautéing vegetables.
  • Level 5: Ideal for making potato chips or cooking steaks well-done.


As you can see, you won’t have to worry about anything, as this system controls the oil temperature automatically and guarantees that the oil will maintain its healthy properties throughout the cooking cycle and will never burn again.


If you don’t love fried food or you are just starting in the culinary arts and want to try a recipe, this induction hob will help you through its recipe wizard, which automatically regulates the power level and duration of each of the cooking cycles. So you will not only fry like a professional but also be able to surprise your guests with well-prepared dishes without effort or complications because this smart induction hob will be your secret weapon.


So, if you thought that achieving the perfect golden brown without burning the oil was mission impossible or something that you can only see on MasterChef, the hob model PXX975KW1E from the 8 Series by Bosch proves that it’s just a matter of having the right induction hob and the right level of cooking at home. (see also  Gas or induction: Bosch has the cooktop, the decision is yours).


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