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Gas or induction? The debate has been on the table for some time, but that isn’t something that worries Bosch. The German manufacturer whose motto is no other than “invented for life” has both options in its catalog precisely to cater to the tastes and needs of each user.

Lovers of one cooking option or the other vehemently state that roasting, frying and heating are simpler, safer and faster in their preferred option than in the other. However, we will go back to the beginning, since it’s a matter of perspectives and, above all, of tastes.

But what are the statements of one side and the other? Let’s discuss that below.

The heat of the blue flame

The beautiful blue flame has its charm, there is no doubt. So, gas-lovers fiercely state many things in their defense. Perhaps the most important is the scope of dishes that can be cooked in its embracing fire. “Not for nothing -those who stand by this type of cooktop claim- chefs and restaurants have gas cooktops.”

To that argument we must add energy savings. “Gas cooktops will always be cheaper than electric ones,” emphasize those who are inclined to this option. Against the foregoing, those in favor of induction cooktops, point out that the maintenance of gas cooktops gives them a disadvantage: “They get greasy easily and are difficult to clean.” However, this isn’t quite true, especially if we are considering a model such as the gas cooktop PCR9A5B90 from the 6 series by Bosch.


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With movable grids and six different positions that adapt to all cooking needs, this cooktop comes with 5 burners which, besides offering maximum performance and cooking flexibility, also provide excellent cleaning capacity in case of spills. In a nutshell, it is a very easy to clean cooktop.

To silence lovers of induction, this gas cooktop comes with a FlameSelect system that achieves perfect cooking results thanks to nine power levels precisely defined. The double-wok central burner (double flame system for a very powerful cooking up to 5 kW) and the 4 burners constitute the Dream Team so that the food is warmed up, the water boils, the sauce thickens, and French fries cool down with the speed your family needs.

Made of stainless-steel and with continuous support from the cast iron tray (to offer high strength and stability to kitchen utensils), this model comes with sword handles for ergonomic flame control. And for those who are wary of the safety of this type of cooktop, we tell you that the PCR9A5B90 by Bosch has a flame failure safety device and offers the option of presetting for natural gas.

After clarifying this half-truth from the advocates of induction cooktops and without the intention of intensifying the controversy, we must also add that the PCR9A5B90 can be controlled through Home Connect. So, can you ask for more?


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Betting on modernism

The first thing that a defender of induction cooktops will say is that they are safer and easier to clean because the cooktop itself is not heated, and this prevents food that falls into the center of the heat stick to it. There’s nothing we can say against that.

However, someone who prefers the blue fire of gas cooktops will argue that the “simple to clean” fact is debatable. “It’s well known that induction cooktops must be cared for, using special cleaners to avoid damaging them, aside from investing in special cookware (with base made of a non-ferromagnetic material).”

To that argument, someone who is pro-induction cooktops will answer with an undeniable attribute of induction cooktops: they have surpassed their predecessors, glass ceramic cooktops, since you can heat up something in an induction cooktop twice as fast.

A good example of the virtues of induction cooktops in the kitchen is certainly the ceramic induction cooktop PIE875DC1E from the 8 series by Bosch. With 4 cooking zones, not only complies with the standard that guarantees you will enjoy fast, safe, and clean cooking consuming very little energy, but also controls the temperature of the oil thanks to its PerfectFry system, and allows you to obtain the perfect golden tone of the food thanks to the automatic sensor.

This 80-cm-cooktop has touch controls at the front where the 17 different power stages of each zone can be configured. It also comes with cooking time programming system for each zone and acoustic warning, automatic or manual child safety lock and dual residual heat indicator (H/h). This cooktop can be automatically disconnected for safety and you can limit its power. And if there’s something missing to brag about this cooktop, then you can say that you can control its functions from your Smartphone via Home Connect.

So, as you can see, the fight is a tough one. Those who look for speed will say that induction is the best advance developed in terms of cooking, while those who think more about savings argue that investing in so much modernism is not worth it, because there is nothing like looking at the flame and regulating it. In the end, it’s only a matter of taste, and understanding that in this sacred space of the home, emotion has reasons that reason itself does not understand.


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