Massimo Pro, the best-kept secret that Falmec brings to the kitchen


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Certainly, Massimo Pro is the best-kept secret that  Falmec brings to the kitchen. And the fact is that when you ask a homeowner what’s the greatest attribute they ask of a kitchen extractor hood, they will surely say two things: the first is power, and the second is discretion, characteristics that perfectly describe this extractor hood.


Falmec has in its catalog an extraction solution applicable to every type of kitchen. In this sense, the Massimo Pro model is the extractor hood for those who are looking for good power and have little space or want this appliance to be concealed.


Perhaps seeing its discreet and understated appearance, you might think that this kitchen extractor hood won’t meet your expectations in terms of the functions it is supposed to perform. Let us tell you that you are wrong. The Massimo Pro extractor hood by Falmec will not only fulfill its mission of trapping suspended grease, smoke, steam, and odors that are in the air when you cook, but it will also take care of their evacuation through filtering.


Besides, this appliance is a practical solution as it can be installed in the lower part of the cabinet above the cooking area, which will make that harmonious kitchen you dream of a reality.


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Discreet but with all the potentialities

Experts such as architects and interior decorators point out that something very important to consider when choosing an extractor hood is to opt not only for one that fits your needs in terms of the size of the kitchen but also for one whose power is higher than necessary to avoid using the maximum level of extraction and excessive noise in the kitchen. Well, in this regard we have great news for you.


This built-in extractor hood is a state-of-the-art technology appliance. For this reason, despite its powerful 800 CFM motor, it’s an extremely quiet appliance that will leave you speechless, as it’s almost unnoticeable.


Another thing you will be interested to know about it is that, like other Falmec appliances, this built-in extractor hood is made entirely of AISI 304 steel. In sum, a high-quality material, which is the only one that is truly stainless, thanks to the nickel that is part of its alloy.


This is also a device that will provide you with excellent illumination, as it has LED lights with low energy consumption and long life.


Among the many advantages of this discreet and powerful kitchen extractor hood by Falmec, we can highlight that: 1) it has professional style baffle filters that adapt to any type of cooking surface, 2) it comes with three speeds of action, and 3) it has superior ventilation ducts.


With all of the above, there’s little left to consider when you have an appliance that offers you everything to be the secret weapon of your kitchen, don’t you think? (see also Falmec Nuvola 90, the almost invisible extractor hood that takes the kitchen experience to another level).


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