4 tips from Thermador to bake like a pro


Professional Steam Convection 30


We all dream of baking like a professional, and the reason is very simple.


An oven is an appliance that allows us to make healthy and delicious dishes. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the oven has become one of the most sought-after appliances in the last decade.


With that in mind, Thermador decided to help us make this dream come true through its Professional Steam Convection 30” (PODS301W). However, although this model can help us reach baking nirvana, you’ll get the most out of its multiple features if you consider certain tips we’ll give you below.


Thermador professional Oven


The 4 tips for ideal baking


Tip #1. Read the recipe very carefully

It seems obvious, but it is not. When we decide to cook, and especially when it comes to baking, we go into an ecstasy mode that makes us overlook important details.


That’s why reading the specifications in the recipes becomes essential, especially those related to the oven and its temperature. But don’t worry, Thermador created this appliance thinking about a real culinary assistant.


This steam and convection oven offers amateur cooks 17 cooking modes including bake, broil, convection bake, convection broil, defrost, dehydrate, keep warm, pizza, proof dough, slow roast, speed convection, steaming level, true convection, and more. So you can find the perfect baking mode for the professional result of your dish (Read also Common mistakes we make when we use the oven).


Tip #2. Preheat the oven

Just as it is important to be clear about the cooking mode every dish needs, something that should never be overlooked is to set the oven at the right temperature before putting something in it. Time and temperature are very important when it comes to baking, and starting a recipe in a cold oven is the beginning of a potential catastrophe.


Fortunately, with the Professional Steam Convection model, you no longer have to worry about complying with the well-known rule of starting to preheat the oven for 15 to 20 minutes before putting what you want to cook in it. This Thermador appliance has a super-fast preheat function, which will get your oven up to speed in 7 minutes, so your dish will enter the appliance at the temperature indicated in the recipe.


Tip #3. Position the baking dish properly during baking

Knowing where to place the baking dish is an art that you must learn. First of all, you should know that in all ovens the heat rises from the bottom to the top.


Then, the upper rack of the appliance concentrates more temperature and is, therefore, the ideal zone for fast cooking or gratins. If you need something to cook slowly (meat roasts, for example) you should place it on the lower rack of the oven. The center of the appliance is the place to put fish, loaves of bread, and baking items.


To make your job easier, this Thermador appliance has three full-access telescoping racks that hold up to 45 pounds, plus an integrated easy-grip handle. But the best part is that this is a multi-rack convection appliance that provides even baking results, including when you use all 3 racks simultaneously.


Tip #4. Always keep your oven clean

Keeping your oven always clean will help guarantee a longer useful life for the appliance. Most of the brands recommend doing maintenance once a week (or even after each use), using specific products for that purpose. They also suggest waiting until the appliance cools down to do so, and not forgetting to remove grease residues from the walls, trays, floor, and bottom of the oven after each use.

But we have wonderful news for you. You won’t have to do all of the above if you have the Professional Steam Convection oven at home. This oven comes with Easy Clean and Ecolytic Clean options to better suit your cleaning needs and make it more user-friendly. (Read also 3 Magic tips to clean the oven).

So, follow these simple tips using this Thermador appliance, and your dishes will have the professional quality you want to offer to your guests.


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