What is warm minimalism and how it can be applied in the kitchens of 2022?


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Minimalism has evolved and the classic version of this style, which has positioned itself in the home since the nineties, now has a new version: warm minimalism.


At this point, you may be asking yourself, what is the difference between one and the other? Well, classic minimalism, which has been unfairly accused of being cold and boring, bets on a monochromatic color palette where the base tones (black, white, or gray) rule and the details are scarce but include design objects.


On the other hand, warm minimalism combines the Nordic style with Japanese aesthetics and Mediterranean environments. All to achieve uncluttered spaces, with pieces that stand out for their beauty, simplicity, and functionality.


Sounds great, right? Well, to encourage you to add that elegant, sober, and soulful touch of this version of minimalism to your kitchen, we have made a list of 5 essential things you need to do so.



The 5 steps to include warm minimalism in the kitchen


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Getting back to basics. Sometimes the kitchen seems more like a laboratory than a creative area. We overload it with gadgets that we either use quite frequently or rarely, so these items become dusty.


Warm minimalism invites you to eliminate what’s not necessary from the countertops. Instead, this style encourages us to incorporate plants, especially herbs that serve as condiments, because this adds that natural touch that this new trend bets on.


But in addition to going for simplicity, by reducing things to the essentials, this version of minimalism aims to give us more room to cook by getting rid of the superfluous.


Emphasize natural light. Natural light is one of the foundations of this decorative style. So if you are remodeling your kitchen or building it, make sure you have large windows.


The windows can be dressed in light fabrics in neutral tones or simply let the light coming in become a charming touch in this area.


Raw is beautiful. Wood is certainly another strong point of this style. But unlike the classic style of minimalism, the raw wood is the main feature of this version. The reason for this is the Nordic influence on the one hand and the focus on natural elements on the other.


In warm minimalism, raw wood furniture, with all its imperfections, brings a genuine touch to the kitchen decoration.


The use of warm tones. The famous architect and designer Zahira Cury says that the secret of this style is the colors it incorporates. She explains that warm minimalism includes cream, brown, ivory, and white tones. She also emphasizes the need to move away from the cold colors of classic minimalism and go for warm but (very important) muted tones.


Don’t forget to add textures. Architect Cury also says that in this type of minimalism, textures are essential. Jute rugs, raw wood, stone, rustic ceramics, and more are some of the elements that can be used in this style.


Finally, we want to add that a basic premise in this type of minimalism is the inclination toward the ecological because it is a trend that goes hand in hand with the awareness of the need for recycling and energy saving.



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