Alfa Forni: outdoor cooking with Italian design and technology




Cooking outdoors is a pleasure enjoyed by many. Luckily for many of us, this practice has spread beyond the familiar barbecues thanks to technological innovations.


Today, enjoying pizzas and even more complex recipes is possible thanks to equipment that offer the convenience of a professional kitchen in the backyard of the house. So, sitting down to relax during a summer afternoon while baking bread or waiting for a slice of freshly baked pie in a domestic oven located outside your home is a tangible reality that a brand like Alfa Forni can offer you.




Resistant, efficient, beautiful


Manufactured in a factory located on the outskirts of the romantic city of Rome, Alfa Forni ovens have three main characteristics: they are resistant, efficient, and beautiful.


The different models that belong to the three lines (Modern, Classic, and Future) of the domestic range are made of stainless steel and refractory materials. Therefore, an Alfa Forni oven is the perfect combination of technology and tradition because these appliances are produced with carefully chosen and certified steels and clays.


So, having one of the wood oven models of this brand on the patio of your house or the balcony of your apartment, for example, means having a piece of equipment that will help you appreciate your leisure time, while you evoke beautiful memories of the past. But unlike those rustic camping devices from your childhood, Alfa Forni ovens provide even heat, fast ignition, and precise cooking.


All of the above translates into having an efficient appliance that will have your guests’ pizza ready in a few minutes, and you’ll only have to invest a few extra minutes to clean it. The reason behind it is that the brand focuses on creating appliances that facilitate outdoor cooking and encourage spending time with others.


But Alfa Forni is not all about efficiency and durability. Nowadays, when aesthetics in the home equals harmony, the beauty of a clean and sober design is combined with technology and superior materials. All this to offer a unique piece, and a tasteful appliance that you can proudly show off.


But the beauty of these devices is not something the brand has taken lightly. Their “Made in Italy” design is the result of constant research. With the mission to make the reputed wood-fired oven no longer a tool only for pizzerias and restaurants but an appliance for everyone, Alfa Forni’s R&D team focused on creating appliances that can offer the best technical performance accompanied by an unforgettable sensory experience.


This is how a piece of apparently simple equipment with clean and strong lines can perfectly meet not only the most daring aesthetic requirements, but also guarantee its users the functionality of a professional oven.


Besides, Alfa Forni understands the diversity of the market, and therefore, has invested massively in research and development to find a gas version of its ovens. In this sense, the brand’s appliance that works with this type of fuel is designed to allow greater ease of use and maintenance, while retaining the effectiveness of its distinctive wood oven.


So, no matter which Alfa Forni oven you choose, the quality, experience, and beauty you will get from cooking outdoors in one of them will be unique.


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