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Just because you have an oven manufactured by Gaggenau, Bosch, Thermador, or Smeg, it doesn’t mean that you won’t make at least those common mistakes that take away the magic from a recipe. That is why we decided to give you a few tips that will help you to:


1) get the most out of your oven

2) avoid the inconveniences and missteps that dry out the meat, burn the cakes, or cause accidents when handling this appliance. (Also read Bake like a professional in 4 steps with the oven  HBA512ER0 by Bosch).


So grab pen and paper, or your Tablet, and get ready.



The 6 deadly sins of baking


As simple as it may seem, the truth is that baking is an art. Forget the idea that baking is just putting something in the oven and that’s it, especially if you want a dish to turn out well.


To bake like a pro, you need to know certain tricks and avoid certain mistakes. But let’s start with the basics, those usual sins that we commit, which put our baking at risk.


Sin #1. Lack of knowledge.

Not knowing what type of oven we have in the kitchen is certainly a cardinal sin. Why? Because each oven has advantages and disadvantages. For example, the traditional appliance as we know it (with time and temperature selector, and the resistance above and below the cooking space), won’t offer you the benefits of a convection oven that has a fan system that efficiently distributes the cooking heat. Nor will the latter offer you the benefits of a combination oven, which has a steam generator that helps compensate for the loss of moisture in the food, so that your meats always remain juicy.


Conclusion: read the user the manual that comes with your oven. This is the first step to get the most out of what you have at home or decide to go for a more modern one.


Sin #2. Not understanding temperatures.

Getting carried away by haste and not preheating the oven, at least 15 minutes before you begin to cook, is an unforgivable sin. And if we add to this setting the oven at full speed to roast faster, without controlling the time, then we are facing the “chronicle of burnt meat.”


What can you do? If you need to cook something at 180 degrees, what you should do is turn on the oven and wait until it reaches that temperature to introduce the tray with the dish, previously greased, and make sure that it stays in the oven just the amount of time the recipe indicates. (Read also Baking therapy with Gaggenau).


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Sin #3. Opening the oven door.

Yes, you need to know when a dish is almost ready. But by constantly opening the oven door we are cutting off the heat cycle that some preparations need. And this applies not only to cakes or bread but also to lasagnas, pizzas, and even meats.


But there’s another important issue with opening the oven door. Generally, people open the oven door standing in front of the appliance. This is not only harmful but dangerous. Heatstroke can cause damage to your skin, face, and eyes. And we are not exaggerating. The wise thing to do, if you need to open the oven, is to do it from the side. Let the heat escape and then do what you are going to do and close it.


Sin #4. Not respecting heights.

You may have heard little about this but placing food at the proper height makes all the difference. Why? Because the heat in all ovens rises from the bottom up. Therefore, it is important to understand that the upper portion of the appliance will concentrate more temperature, and therefore it is ideal for foods that need fast cooking or sudden heat, such as gratins, for example. From the above, we can infer that slower cooking, such as roast meats, which take time, should be placed at the bottom.


Sin #5. Not using the right containers and utensils.

Nowadays, there are plenty of types of baking pans that make baking kinder, faster, and more environmentally friendly. But just as important as baking in the right containers is handling them with the right utensils.


Using protective gloves instead of kitchen cloths is essential. And in case you are using the latter, make sure they are completely dry because moisture immediately conducts heat to your hands, which could cause a burn.


Sin #6. Not doing any maintenance to the oven.

Although pyrolytic ovens are a marvel of technology applied to cooking, it is not only necessary to keep them clean for hygienic reasons, but also because this guarantees their proper functioning. It isn’t enough to have them impeccable, you must make sure that the internal light works, that there are no leaks, and if you have a gas appliance, that the door closes well, in short, that the system is in perfect condition. (Read also 3 magic tips to clean the oven).


Take our word for it, your baking problems will disappear if you follow these tips.


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