The Galley IWS-4: the workstation worthy of a professional kitchen at home


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When it comes to having a professional kitchen workstation at home, The Galley has certainly done an excellent job with the Ideal Workstation® IWS-4S. Anyone who has seen a restaurant’s kitchen workstation knows that they are the doors to another universe. Why? Because everything is perfectly organized in them to facilitate working in the kitchen.

Obviously, the workstations of a professional kitchen vary depending on the needs of each restaurant and even the work style of each chef. However, they all have several elements in common that The Galley has included in the different versions of its already famous Workstations.

Simply put, The Galley was inspired by the classic kitchen brigade system created by the French chef Auguste Escoffier and masterfully adapted to that area of the home. So, these Workstations or magical doors that we mentioned above help you cook in an easy, organized, and hygienic way, or in other words, like a chef.


The kit that every home chef should have

The Ideal Workstation® 4S by The Galley is not only the perfect accessory so that any event centered in the kitchen is a success but is also the dream organizer of every home chef. This 1-seat workstation is a comprehensive tool and complies with the standards that all kitchen professionals demand for the harmonious development of their culinary creations.

What do we mean by this? In general, setting up a preparation brigade consists of a rectangle organized as follows:

  • At the center: the cutting board.
  • On the right: a utensil cloth, a chef’s knife, a paring knife, and a peeler.
  • On the left: a gastronorm* that’ll work as waste container, and a cloth to clean.
  • On the top: another gastronorm or buckets with ingredients to prepare combinations and already prepared ingredients.


La Cuisine International


The IWS-4 by The Galley (see video of use) is by itself a 4-tool culinary kit that includes what we mentioned above and more. Available in four materials (natural golden bamboo, graphite wood composite, exclusive grey resin, and designer white resin) this two-tier mobile workstation (top and bottom) is made of 316L marine grade stainless-steel with TrueEdge™ design.

This versatile workstation with sliding culinary tools (top and bottom) has a cutting board (12 1/4″ x 18″) and a drying tier (12 1/4″ x 18″) on the top level that can serve you well to place the cutting knife while you take care of something else. At the bottom it has two tiers, one to place the luxurious colander (7.2 qt 11″) with non-slip handles, and the other to put the bowl with lid (7.2 qt 11″) and non-slip bottom.

Also, you can add accessories to the IWS-4 by purchasing individual different sized gastronorms such as the wash set, countertop knife block, and even another cutting board or one for cheeses. All that means that this system is fully adaptable to your needs, which makes it 100% customizable.

So, now you know that having the necessary skills to mix flavors or prepare perfect recipes aren’t the only requirements. You must also have a workstation like the IWS-4 by The Galley to cook at home like a pro.

*Note: Gastronorm is the name given to stainless-steel buckets, bowls or containers used to store in professional kitchens.



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