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If you could watch a video of yourself while you cook, it would probably resemble a ballet performance. Turning, walking, going up and down from one place to another while you gather everything you need to prepare a simple dish.

Can you remember when was the last time you enjoyed a fluid conversation with a guest while you were cooking? Maybe the time has come to stop dancing, so you can focus on enjoying the process while you cook. The Galley has the solution.

All in one

Traditional kitchens have a sink and multiple cabinets to store implements. Carrying things from one place to another can be, without a doubt, the reason why the kitchen may seem like a small gym to you. However, the new trend aims at simplifying spaces to offer the greatest comfort possible to the user.

The Galley’s Ideal Workstation was created with that in mind, as a line of workstations that hopes to replace traditional sinks to provide users with all the comfort and optimization of having everything they need to cook in one location.

The Ideal Workstation (IWS) line has 6 presentations identified in an increasing pattern based on their dimensions. The variety of sizes allows the brand to offer a workstation appropriate for the space available, which makes them extremely versatile.

You can choose the IWS2 -which is the smallest workstation of the line- as an auxiliary workstation in a big kitchen, as the main workstation in a small kitchen, or as part of a bar or outdoor kitchen. Also, you can invest in the rest of the options from the IWS3 to the IWS7, depending on the space you have available and your needs.

Inner wealth

At a glance, the IWS seems like simple structures for the sink, but they are much more than that. The minimum implements necessary to be considered as a workstation are its cutting board, the rack to dry utensils, a colander, a bowl, and a wooden platform to place those elements, so you can wash, chop, drain, and dry at the same place. All of them offer the possibility to easily slide the tiers to quickly reach any element that you need.

However, the scope of tasks can be broadened as you include accessories. There are garnish boards that would turn the IWS into an entertainment station. You can keep the ice in the bowl, turn it into a big cooler, and add another cutting board to allow another person to work simultaneously. In sum, different possibilities in the same area.


La Cuisine International


Custom made

If you aren’t convinced yet despite all these advantages, the Ideal Workstation is adaptable. The lids can be ordered in a variety of colors and finishes that go from bamboo to steel, so they can match the decoration of your kitchen.

From now on, if you want to dance while you are in the kitchen, it will be out of joy since the IWS from The Galley has put everything where it belongs.


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