Nodo Hotel: flexible, sustainable, and urban architecture


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The Nodo Hotel, located in Chile’s capital, is the embodiment of a new type of architecture that combines the flexible, sustainable, and urban aspects of architecture. This hotel created by the studio Stein-Suazo, has an architectural design that’s breathtaking at first glance, since it hopes to bring nature to the heart of an environment made of concrete, typical of a modern and cosmopolitan city like Santiago.


The building, built following sustainability standards, proposes a unique aesthetic experience that tries to take those who admire its construction through an imaginary trip through forests. In fact, its bioactive façade made of wood allows to purify the same amount of air as a 1.5 hectares forest would in a year.


The architects at Stein-Suazo explain that the hotel’s architecture, from the 1st to the 3rd floor, is based on stone or concrete elements, which are intended for public use areas such as coworking, restaurants, cafés, and event rooms. On this concrete base, a vertical wooden structure rises up to the 11th floor, resembling “an orderly disorder, like the trees in a forest, evidenced by the presence of an element of nature”.


One aspect considered by the architects is the current concern regarding the respect for the environment. That’s why, along with its breathtaking green bioactive facade, the hotel includes sustainable details, through windows and insulation, that generate a thermal envelope of the highest standard that minimizes energy consumption.


Likewise, the building has an ingenious air conditioning system with cascading heat pumps, which are sectorized by floors and also contribute to the reduction of energy consumption. Another interesting detail of the Nodo Hotel is the use of recyclable materials, which turns it into one of the most eco-friendly hotels in the country.


Green on the outside and flexible on the inside


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The use of biophilia is evident in this hotel (read Biophilia: the concept that is changing architecture). Most of the  spaces, if not all, have been designed following patterns inspired by nature. What’s the idea behind this? To increase the sense of wellbeing and decrease the stress levels of the guests.


The architects at Stein-Suazo collaborated in the design of the hotel with the Center for Neuro Architecture and Design (NAD) to include colors, heights, clusters, and lighting dynamics to promote comfort and synchronicity. For that purpose, they took the Chilean landscape’s diversity as inspiration, incorporating textured corridors and modified images of the country’s natural landscapes into bedrooms and corridors. Mountains, seas, deserts, and forests are the themes the eye can capture in both carpets and the interior design patterns of the rooms.


More than a lobby


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The lobby at the Nodo Hotel has a unique concept that aims to be more than just an access point. In fact, it’s a place where socialization, leisure and coworking come together.

To achieve this task, the architects created a unique design proposal for this area that combines art with flexibility of use. With that in mind, the visitor can either have a drink or a business meeting amid pieces of furniture such as “Up”  by Gaetano Pesce and “Mademoiselle”  by Phillip Stark/ Lenny Kravitz, and the work of  Naoto Fukasawa.

As if that wasn’t enough, and to remain aligned with the green motto, the architects included the lamps of the underwater-inspired collection “Immersion” by David Trubridge, which adds unique lighting to this space.  So, as you can see, this hotel is certainly a piece of art that every architect should visit.


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