Gas hobs in the modern kitchen?


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Having a gas hob in a modern kitchen might sound as an outdated idea, but it’s not. The truth is that, although most people choose a glass-ceramic or induction equipment to complete the style, there are those who are simply lovers of the blue flames and just want to cook in them.

The good thing in this sense is that gas hobs have evolved. In fact, those devices that came with heavy grilles and were also difficult to clean, are only a memory from the past.

Today, there are brands that have decided to incorporate electronic ignition systems in them and other little details that not only make them more attractive, but also more in line with the time we live in. And if you add to this the countless advantages that a gas hob has to offer, then you can be certain that you have a masterpiece in your home.

The old and new advantages

The first and one of the main advantages of using gas as a cooking system is consumption. The fact that there are savings in terms of energy is unquestionable.

The other great advantage of gas hobs is certainly their speed. However, the feature that many brands have included in this type of hob is the control and precision of firepower. This allows you to use different burners in the same equipment for each type of dish you wish to cook.

In order of importance we should mention the possibility to use all kinds of containers as the third advantage of gas hobs. In a gas hob you can cook both in the typical clay pots that add such a good flavor to stews and in the cast iron containers that are perfect to cook dishes that require long hours to be ready.

Also, aside from the fact that today most gas hobs come with 5 burners, some brands have added a safety system to their appliances. These systems close the passage of gas in case the flame accidentally turns off. Similarly, another important addition is the integrated automatic ignition. This means that new gas hobs do not need lighters or matches.


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Traditional and modern aspects in the same gas hob

The gas hob PX7502 from the Aesthetic Line by SMEG combines a contemporary style with the most sophisticated design trends. As the perfect example of simplicity and ergonomics, this is a stove that enhances all the traditional advantages of cooking with gas, that we described above, with high-tech details.

Made of satin finish stainless-steel, this hob has 5 cooking areas that are controlled by front knobs. The stands for the pans and utensils are made of cast iron and have burners of different powers that will be quite useful to prepare sauces or make stews.

But the best thing is that this hob of 70/75 cm for recessed installation, comes  with gas safety valves and automatic ignition. That makes it safe, as well as a beautiful piece that will fit perfectly into any type of kitchen.

So you can trust us, if you succumb to the charm of the blue flames of gas, this is a great choice because it will live up to the expectations of the dish you want to make.


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