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Organic architecture and its vision of harmonizing buildings with nature is the new boom. Based on an organic philosophy, this branch of architecture aims at the creation of habitable spaces based on the balance between human development and the natural world.

Although we may consider the approach of this kind of architecture innovative, the truth is that it isn’t. It appeared in the early 20th century, and had no other than Frank Lloyd Wright as one of its leading representatives.

The main objectives of this architectural approach include the unification of space, mixing the interiors with the exteriors and creating harmonic spaces with the juxtaposition of the dominant elements of the environment. What do we mean by that? Don’t worry, we’ll show you 3 examples that will blow your mind and help you understand this concept better.


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3 beautiful examples of organic architecture

Sky Garden House. Located in a tourist area of Singapore, this house designed by Guz Architects, is part of a luxurious neighborhood formed by exclusive resorts, beaches, and several tourist developments.

The 4-level house is energy efficient because the green covers that integrate it help absorb solar radiation and mitigate temperature. So, this also helps the house cool naturally, reducing the use of air conditioning.

The most valuable aesthetic resource in this house? Its terrace-gardens. These gardens are the foundation of the following top floor, which creates the feeling that each floor faces the main garden of the house directly, when in fact it is a green cover that blends visually with the green aspects of the outdoor garden.


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Banyan Treehouse. Designed by the architecture firm RPA Bayan Treehouse, it’s located in Nichols Canyon, Los Angeles and constitutes an art and sanctuary studio. Nestled at 12 feet high on a steel structure based on a large pine, this house is the bold reinterpretation of a tree.

The studio, which is part of the house, tries to take as much advantage as possible of the pre-existing tree where it’s installed, literally shaping the contours of the trunk. With oiled wood finishes, mahogany windows and a Rheinzink roof, it has a cut-out glass on the floor that allows its occupants to connect with the tree itself, and with the majestic nature that surrounds them.


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E’terra Samara. This is a 5-star eco-friendly resort located northwest of Toronto, Canada. Formed by 12 treehouses with a futurist style that are environmentally friendly, this resort is located in the middle of a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.

The objective behind the concept of this resort is to allow visitors not only to feel that they can sleep in the trees, but also that they can feel as if they were a fruit from those trees. These treehouses have a sleeping area that is located in the “fruit” section and a socialization area located in the “wing” section. Besides, the twelve villas at Samara are rotated and located in their respective tree trunks to take advantage of site-specific features and light conditions, while achieving full privacy for the occupants.

In sum, connecting with the environment or its respectful integration into nature are part of the pillars of the architectural approach of the 21st century.


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