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Now that the kitchen has become the area of the home where gatherings take place, the saying “have friends close and wine too” is no longer a luxury but a must. However, the practice to leave the bottles of wine exposed to the elements in a wine cabinet is a thing of the past. Wine culture has spread so far that even the most amateur know the importance of having a good wine refrigerator or wine bar at home.

Thus, as important as having a good refrigerator in the kitchen, having one of these appliances specialized in preserving the organoleptic qualities of the so-called nectar of the gods is essential. In this regard, the market offers any number of options in terms of sizes and versions, but do you know the importance of having this appliance in your home and which one is the best for you?

What is it exactly and what is it used for?

Many will tell you that a wine refrigerator is just another appliance and that having a large refrigerator is enough. Not really. While having a large refrigerator is an advantage when there are a lot of people at home, not taking advantage of such large appliance properly will only translate into extra energy consumption for the house and will occupy precious space.

Also, to all this we must add the fact that a good wine deserves or rather, needs, a special temperature to be preserved longer. So, if you want to enjoy your wine at any time with your friends or family, then you need to buy a wine refrigerator.


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A winery or wine refrigerator is a specialized refrigerator. These have, depending on the brand, functions to cool and keep wine at the right temperature, thus ready to be served and consumed.

Usually these appliances  have areas to store different types of wine, at different temperatures. The benefits of having a household appliance as sophisticated as this one includes:

1.-Having space to store, in areas with  adequate temperature:

    • Champagne
    • Young and old wines
    • White wines
    • Red wines
    • Rosé wines

2.- A safe storage space at home specifically made for your wine collection. There are units in which you can store 10 or even 100 bottles.

3.- Depending on the model and brand you choose, you will be able to control several aspects, such as:

    • Temperature
    • Humidity
    • Stability


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A secret under the counter

Any outstanding host knows that the best secret to dazzle guests and friends is the ability to  surprise them and offer them the perfect drink and food. That’s why undercounter wine refrigerators are a success.

Refrigerating wines undercounter has also become something highly popular today due to the  open concept in the kitchen.  Integrated into the style and design of the kitchen, these discreet wineries provide you with wine handy at all times.

A perfect example of this is the Wine Cava or Wine Reserve T24UW900LP by Thermador. This 24″ unit is ideal to be installed under any countertop or in a small space and it has a storage capacity of 41 Bordeaux-sized bottles (0.75 l). This appliance has 2 adjustable temperature zones, full extension wine racks and led theater illumination.

With UV resistant tempered glass, which  allows you to see the bottles available, this appliance comes with a system of SoftClose® door hinges for an ultra-soft closing of the door, which protects the stability of the wine. To all the above we must add that this wine refrigerator or winery is a fully sophisticated piece that will fit perfectly into any kitchen style where you want to include it, aside from being as a safe as a safe deposit box for your precious wines.

At this point we just have to make a toast to all those friends who will be blown away by your skills as the perfect host. Oh, and don’t worry because Thermador and us will keep the secret for you. Cheers!


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