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Just as it happens when you are in the kitchen and all of the sudden get the feeling that you could be like Gordon Ramsey, or when there is a party and you are the bartender in charge, we all want to be like, or at least have some of the style of, Bannie Kang. But beyond the technique, the years of experience and the stoves or the bar behind them: What do they have that makes them so skillful and quick in their trades? Order. And that’s where The Galley can give you a hand.

This American brand, whose objective is to bring a method to the kitchen (indoors and outdoors), has also come up with a perfect solution so that your evenings of cocktails parties with family or friends, barbecue afternoons and other celebrations in your home have the ideal beverage section. Every time one of these gatherings takes place the kitchen becomes a chaos of bottles, ice and glasses, so this is when having a system becomes a dream come true.


La Cuisine International


Ideal BarStation® what a  bartender needs

Certainly, if you ask Bannie Kang -la Korean just won the title of Diageo World Class Bartender of 2019- what do you need to quickly prepare several of her famous cocktails simultaneously, she would surely tell you the order of the steps to proceed or a system that provides you with more things than what you need in a given space. Well, that and a good assortment of liquor bottles, but that’s a different subject.

However, The  Galley  can help a lot and proof of this is the BarStation®. This system is the dream of any bartender -professional or amateur- because it organizes everything needed in a specific space.

Just imagine preparing margaritas, bloody marys, cuba libres or mojitos, with everything at hand. Your guests will be happy and amazed at the same time. And you, of course, will have climbed two scales in the ranking of best prepared hosts.

The BarStation® is a system made of a single-piece marine grade 316L stainless-steel with TrueEdge™ design. With a versatile dual-level design, this appliance comes with top level dual tier cutting board (6″ x 18″) and lower level mini drying rack (6″ x 17″), tools that slide on top of each other. In addition, the organizational system of  The Galley has a handmade customizable finish that is easy to maintain, guaranteeing that you can have one that perfectly matches your kitchen and has durability.

The best thing about the BarStation® is that the brand allows you to  customize the system with accessories that will make you have a real cocktail bar, if you need it. So, you can add to it the “wash and serve set” that can either turn it into a cooler or add more deposits with the kit for garnishes. In sum, you can add the accessories you need to organize everything as you like.

So, decide to surprise your guests being that bartender that everyone wants to have at a party for a day with the help of The  Galley.


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