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Grandmas still do not give credit to what is currently happening in our kitchens. They used to spend endless hours stuck to the stoves patiently waiting for a chicken or suckling pig to finish baking as well as working hours to remove grease and disinfecting the place. They can’t understand that now you can cook and have a spotless kitchen in less than an hour.

Fortunately, when technology entered the sacred place where food is prepared it not only subtracted time from the elaboration of the most sophisticated dishes, but it also changed the concept of “kitchen” in our minds linking it to pleasure.


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No ties to the sink

One of the things that modern families are most thankful for is, without a doubt, the dishwasher. This modern wonder ended the typical family draw for the turn to do the dishes. In this sense, Bosch -the innovative German brand- is featured in an honor position regarding dishwashers. Its Ascenta Line not only has the Energy Star recognition, but its models are known as the quietest on the market.

Easy to operate, it has a front control panel that offers 4 wash cycles and 2 options. With space for 14 place settings, Bosch has incorporated technologies like EcoSense, which guarantees a 20% energy savings and SaniDry condensation drying, which not only optimizes the drying of the dishes but also eliminates any bacteria from them.

But these dishwashers are not only efficient, they are also beautiful. The Ascenta-Black SHE3AR56UC fits perfectly into any kitchen that requires appliances with a touch of distinction and style.

Cleaning in no time

Another brand that mixes innovation and design in the kitchen is Gaggenau. While their induction tops are among the most beautiful, and therefore among the most requested by designers, they become true kitchen assistants for their end users.

Accuracy and fast cooking with low energy consumption is what the model CX 491 (36″) from Gaggenau undoubtedly offers. This ultra-modern induction top allows the entire surface to be used as a large cooking zone. But that is not the best part. This smart cooker automatically identifies the utensil (pan / pot) and heats exactly where it is placed.

Made of glass-ceramic, it features a control panel that will tell you which burner is on and allow you to set the time for the cooking. It also has residual heat sensors, child lock system, and most importantly, it’s easy to clean, just a damp sponge and a dry cloth are enough to leave it flawless.


La Cuisine International


No waste

In these modern times we all know that cleaning the kitchen is transcendental. That’s why Kindred has put emphasis not only in making sinks and accessories that become true partners in assisting the difficult task of keeping an immaculate kitchen.

As an important complement to its already famous sinks, the brand offers a range of waste disposals completely adjustable and aimed at facilitating the cleaning of the kitchen. Designed to be highly durable and have minimum maintenance, Kindred waste disposers are guaranteed up to 5 years, stainless steel parts, which undoubtedly make them one of the most cost-efficient options on the market.

In addition, Kindred works in the North American market within the umbrella of renowned brand Franke, a combination that guarantees not only quality and reliability, but also promises devices that perfectly adapt to any kitchen, making these safer and more beautiful.

So give your grandmother a walk through what’s new in kitchens. Show her some of these wonders designed to simplify life and invite her to enjoy a delicious coffee while explaining why cooking in times of innovation is a pleasure.


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