Windows: 5 rays of light on use and arrangement


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More than decorative elements windows are the answer to the need for lighting and ventilation in enclosed spaces. However, they have been integrated into design projects taking center stage. Hereunder we shed light on the topic in 5 tips that you must know about windows.

1. The consequence became a cause.

Windows have taken so much prominence that many designs are based on these elements. If the house will be located in a place with a privileged view, it will require a large window that takes advantage of the light and the beauty of the surroundings.

2. Lighten the budget.

The location of the windows and the material from which they are made greatly influences the maintenance budget of the place. Its location will impact on the energy used to acclimatize the space, and its material on the durability of the curtain fabrics. Both are important design points to assess.

3. Safe Materials.

Safety is an important aspect; however, the use of bars is increasingly rejected because of its aesthetic limitations. Consequently, armored and security glass or acrylics can be used to offer maximum safety without disturbing visibility.

4. Less is more.

Windows have always been the quintessential decorative touch in architecture. From the ornate Gothic traceries to the colorful stained glass windows. Now the trend is minimalist: absent or imperceptible frames, transparent glass without coloring from the floor to the ceiling -if at all possible-, very much in the Bauhaus wave.

5. Strategy in the kitchen.

Windows in the kitchen are a sensitive spot. They are imperiously necessary, but rather delicate. It is recommended to place them over the sink, or in any case, away from the burners, especially if it is a gas range. The first, since natural light and air intake simplifies the cleaning and drying of the frets, and the second, as a security measure. A burst of air can ignite a fire and cause accidents, especially if curtains are used. On the other hand, condensed grease can create odious films on glass.


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Windows have become an integrating element between a closed space and its surroundings; they also can divide spaces giving the impression of a bigger size and luminosity. These aspects have to be taken into account when designing; to optimize their use as a tool that is to become the new focus of a construction.


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