Alfa Forni and the secret to enjoying pizza worthy of a restaurant at home


Alfa Pizza


Alfa Forni knows very well that the secret to making pizza like a pro is something that everyone longs for. Aware of that, this Italian brand has been manufacturing, for the last ten years, stainless steel ovens that allow making the perfect pizza, loved by young and old, in the comfort of your home just as if it was made in a restaurant.


Although the dough, the preparation, and the ingredients are important to achieve that pizzeria touch, the real secret of its texture and flavor is in the baking. For this, you need an oven with special features, one that can go from 0° to 500°C in only 30 minutes and cook the pizza in 90 seconds, just like the oven by Alfa Forni can do.


Of course, at this point, you might be thinking “but special pizza ovens are huge! How can I have one of those in my house?”


Don’t worry, we’ve got good news: Alfa Forni not only puts a professional oven in your home, but this is an aesthetically beautiful appliance that can become the center of attention wherever you place it, and its dimensions won’t be a problem for you. Don’t believe us? Then read on…


Alfa pizza


When size doesn’t matter


This brand has a catalog of ovens that can adapt to any situation, but today we are going to tell you about Alfa’s portable wood-fired (or gas-fired, if you prefer) oven. Yes, you read that right, portable.


Belonging to its Moderno line, we are talking about a compact and light oven (50 kg) with a modern and sophisticated design. Available in colors black and copper, this appliance has the following dimensions: 73 x 55 x 48 cm.


But don’t be fooled by its size. This is a powerful oven that can reach a temperature of 500°C in just 30 minutes, something that is impossible for any other appliance in its category, and it is precisely this detail that will allow you to make an authentic Neapolitan pizza at home.


Another key feature of this appliance is the patented Alfa deflector that allows the heat to gradually escape from the chimney and ensure excellent furnace performance.

Additionally, the opening of the appliance is designed to maximize heat and to better rotate the pizzas. This will also allow you to easily see the status of what you are cooking inside it. This oven will not only become the ideal ally for pizza Sundays at home, but it will also help you bake bread, meats, BBQ, and even cakes.


As we have already mentioned, you can choose either the wood or gas version of this oven, but the brand also allows you to select between the Top, Top + base, or Top + table options. All designed so that you have exactly what you need at home.


So, if you were looking for an ideal ally to light up these summer days that are about to come, Alfa Forni, and especially this portable oven, is the perfect partner of crime for that purpose.


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