When black and white take over the kitchen


kitchen decorated with black and white

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Decorating the kitchen using black and white can be more fun and diverse than it seems at first glance. The trick, according to experts, is to establish the balance between polarities and play with accessories in other tones to create or achieve the style you’re looking for.


Thus, this duo that easily combines the most modern and the most vintage aspects, acquires a chic and elegant touch that few colors manage to provide.


Glossy and opaque 


If you decide to use black and white in your kitchen, you can combine not only the shades, but also the finishes. The infinite spectrum of possibilities will allow you to choose between a matte white or a glossy black, to play with light and give a distinctive touch to your kitchen.


Here’s an example: Try a glossy black countertop combined with white door cabinets in a matte finish for a spectacular visual result.


Black background 


Blackboards are here to stay, and aside from being a decorative resource, they serve as a fun element for creativity and communication that everyone can take advantage of regardless of age. 


So, dare to cover a wall with black chalkboard paint or self-adhesive chalkboard vinyl. Find an assortment of colors and let your guests express their creativity on the wall. Anything goes as far as that wall is concerned: reminders, shopping lists, children’s drawings, and even thank-you notes, a black chalkboard wall can take it all and can serve as a fun outlet.

kitchen using black and white
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If you’re wondering how much black or white you should use, the answer lies in the objective you wish to achieve. If you’re aiming for a feeling of spaciousness, white should be predominant, leaving black only for some details that’ll add personality to the space.


If, on the other hand, you are fortunate enough to have a large space with good lighting and what you’re looking for is a feeling of luxury, modernism, and sophistication, bet on black by making bolder choices in terms of painting walls or even the ceiling in this color. The result can be a very luxurious environment if you also choose accessories in metallic tones.


What we do recommend is to be careful and avoid a chessboard look by attempting to balance the color distribution. Playing with black and white is an exercise of creativity for the bravest and certainly for those who can keep the kitchen shiny and organized all the time, because although these colors look elegant and sophisticated, they also reveal very easily the dirt or neglect, so consistent cleaning is a must.

Daring to choose this contrast in your kitchen with due moderation and good taste will guarantee many compliments from your guests. To add style to these tones, read Add a chic touch to your kitchen with hydraulic tiles.


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