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Bosch is a brand that’s not afraid of change and that’s why it included color in its refrigerators. The reason behind it? To give some style and personality to the high technological capacity it offers through its appliances.

In these times of open kitchen concepts where appliances should be both functional and beautiful, this German brand has already been including colors in some of its lines such as the VarioStyle (see style and functionality in the kitchen? Bosch has the perfect recipe), has taken another step by adding a different, elegant, and modern touch to kitchens through the refrigerators with a glass finish of its 800 series.

The palette in this series offers colors such as black, red, purple, white and quartz. The glazed finish of this model brings sophistication regardless of the color you choose, which means that you’ll be adding to your kitchen a device that will match perfectly the rest of the design you have in mind, through its soft color reflections or deep tones.

These refrigerators characterized by their attractive design with sturdy doors are unique. As they are appliances created for recessed installation, they have hidden and discreet hinges, which will allow them to fit perfectly into the rest of the furniture. But their exterior beauty and adaptability is complemented by all the technological features they offer, their spacious interior and excellent LED lighting.


Beautiful on the outside, smart on the inside


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And if you were impressed by what we described about the external beauty of the refrigerator B10CB81NVB from the 800 series by Bosch, wait until we tell you everything about what’s inside that will allow you to keep your food longer. First, we’ll start with the SuperCool function.

When you enable this feature, the constant opening and closing of your refrigerator will no longer be a problem for the preservation of your groceries. Why? Well, because it quickly lowers the temperature of the appliance to isolate the food inside of it.

The SuperCool feature also guarantees that the new purchased food cools down faster. To avoid unnecessary energy consumption, the function turns off automatically after approximately six hours.

In terms of the unit’s freezer, we can tell you that its SuperFreezing function will guarantee that food recently placed in it will freeze quickly, which prevents the rest from damaging and losing their organoleptic properties.


Compact on the outside, spacious on the inside

The 24 inches of this refrigerator don’t give enough credit to its interior space. In fact, one of the great advantages of the refrigerator B10CB81NVB from the 800 series by Bosch is its full-width cooling drawer. Thanks to this drawer, you will be able to store large containers easily until it is time to serve.

This appliance comes with a VitaFresh drawer that keeps fruits and vegetables fresh longer and a wine shelf that will allow you to have your favorite wine bottles handy.

The space in the freezer is also very well designed. It has an ingenious three-tier drawer system with additional storage for frozen items such as pizza boxes, frozen cakes, or waffles. As if that wasn’t enough, this ingeniously organized shelf system has its own LED lighting to help you find all the items in the freezer easily.

So, if you were looking for a refrigerator that will help you add style to your kitchen, then you will certainly find everything that is on your wish list and more in this model by Bosch.



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