5 mistakes that take away the charm of the open kitchen concept


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The open kitchen concept is a trend that came to stay. This can be appreciated in the majority of new constructions that include them, not only because it’s a very rational way to take advantage of the space available, but also because they generate an atmosphere that establishes a magical connection between cooks and diners.

However, there are certain mistakes that can detract from the charm of this modern distribution that offers so many advantages in terms of comfort and usability. So take note of these mistakes so you can avoid them.

  1. Too much stainless-steel. Open kitchens invite coexistence. Like we said before, they create an environment of camaraderie and promote sharing. However, there are those who go overboard using stainless-steel because they want to create a kitchen close to the “professional” standard or out of fear of microbes and viruses, so they end up building a space closer to an operating room or laboratory instead an inviting spac Therefore, if you like large stainless-steel appliances because you think they are more aseptic, try combining them with quality appliances in pastel tones or colors that add life and personality to your kitchen (see ). You can also add plants, include paintings and even books, as this will help you balance the coldness of steel with elements that will make this a unique and friendly area in your home.


  1. Trying to hide everything. This is another big mistake people make when they have open kitchens. While this is a kitchen style that invites you to keep everything neat and ordered, it’s also true that it allows us to turn our dinnerware or silverware into a decorative element. So take advantage of open shelves and display those Murano or crystal glasses or give your kitchen an industrial touch by placing hangers with your copper utensils or pots. This will add style to this space. (see 5 keys to have extra space in the kitchen).

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  1. Let the island take center stage. Yes, it’s true, islands are part of the charm of open kitchens. Besides, if we are talking about an island where the hob or cooktop is located, then we are in the presence of a chic element. But keep in mind that all this applies only if the space allows it. Space is everything in an open concept, which is why piling up objects is a mistake because it will create a suffocating and not functional area. So, if you can’t have an island, put the spotlight on the dining room table.


  1. Underestimating the illumination. This is another common mistake in this type of kitchen. “Open” doesn’t necessarily mean “well lit”, and while this type of concept favors natural lighting, taking advantage of artificial light doesn’t detract from it as long as it’s done with moderation and in a smart way. It’s important to remember that light is able to create atmospheres in a room, so it’s essential to pay attention to the lighting in the kitchen, and not hesitate to use both light regulators and direct lighting bulbs in this space. (see 3 tips to design a dream kitchen).


  1. Being closeminded regarding small separations. The fact that the name of this concept includes the word “open” doesn’t mean that it cannot include small divisions. A bar, for example, between the kitchen and the dining room, is a good way to preserve intimacy without taking away the charm of sharing with others that’s characteristic of this type of distribution. Also, these small separations allow to contain a little the clutter that is present when you cook.


In sum, these are just a few suggestions that will help you take full advantage of your open kitchen concept, avoiding those common mistakes that come from our lack of knowledge on the subject.




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