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Who said that style and functionality in the kitchen can’t get along? For the German brand Bosch both concepts are complementary. So in their blog My Kitchen Inspirator, Bosch not only shares information about the good use of their appliances, but also provides interesting ideas about decoration, space optimization and trends in terms of distribution, among other topics.

One of the most interesting topics that can be inferred from the different articles of this blog, is that Bosch adapts perfectly to the kitchen style that you wish to create in your home. The case is that the appliances of this brand, not only are pioneers in the introduction of the latest technology in the kitchen, but its Home Connect system allows you to manage your devices from your Smartphone.

You choose the style and Bosch takes care of the rest

Minimalist, rustic or industrial. The dilemma that many encounter when it comes to renovating their kitchens, is not which of these is the most suitable trend for this space in their home, but what appliances will fit perfectly with the style they wish to create.

In this sense, the aesthetic line of the appliances made by Bosch will allow you to have cutting-edge technology equipment in your kitchen, and the choice that you make will depend on your tastes, needs and the number of people who interact in it.


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Perfect for minimalist harmony

Minimalism is a concept that tries to bring serenity and harmony to the kitchen, as well as comfort, practicality, and, of course, modernism. It’s the favorite trend of Millennials since aside from putting emphasis on flawless order, extreme cleanliness, vital luminosity and the austerity of the details, it’s perfect to bring only functional and high-tech appliances to the kitchen.

So, the Bosch® FlexInduction® cooktop will be a perfect fit in a minimalist kitchen. This is a beautiful and elegant cooktop that automatically identifies the size and position of a frying pan and generates heat only when needed just below the base.

Also, a minimalist kitchen must have one of the dishwashers of the 800 series by Bosch. The king of dishwashers, as it is known, not only brings luxury to the kitchen, but also will leave behind limitations regarding the size of utensils to be washed.

These dishwashers come with an internal intelligent detergent dispenser that adjusts the dosage according to the number of items placed inside. It also has a red InfoLight that illuminates the dishwasher base when it’s used as a safety measure.


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The protagonist in the rustic and industrial style

Rustic-style kitchens are currently a trend that is getting momentum with other new design systems like the eco-chic. Beyond the features that make it standout or the fact that the design of the devices must be integrated to the kitchen within this trend, the combination requires appliances of low energy consumption, so it’s wise to buy electrical appliances of the A++ or A+++ class.

In this sense, the appliances by Bosch are the perfect choice, since the brand whose slogan is “Invented for Life,” considers energy saving as part of its philosophy.

Therefore, the refrigerators of the Variostyle collection will have plenty to add to a rustic-eco-chic kitchen. Why? Because they offer you the possibility to change the color of the same, not to mention that these appliances will bring modern technology into the kitchen, which provides quality and style to any kitchen.

In contrast, the industrial style kitchen -more inclined to the use of stainless-steel appliances along with accessories such as coat racks and special lighting- seeks to recreate the look of a professional kitchen at home. Bosch has a plenty to offer to this particular style of kitchen.

In fact, if you wish to give a unique look to your industrial-style kitchen, the line Black Stainless Steel by Bosch is ideal. This collection of appliances will add personality to your kitchen and certainly have the leading role, since these appliances are made of black stainless steel, a special material that helps protect them against scratches and fingerprints.

So, Bosch not only thinks about creating appliances that make your life easier, but also provides inspiring ideas to create an ideal environment.


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