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Ever since the Canadian twins Drew and Jonathan Scott took over TV screens to show the why and how of house renovation, we all began to look at these projects from a different point of view. These brothers have brought the issues that regular individuals don’t usually know, which are challenges that interior designers, contractors, and architects have to face to make our visions of the ideal home come true.

In fact, it’s thanks to their TV show that stylish, open concept kitchens became popular. Because let’s be clear, everyone that watches Property Brothers looks forwards to the part where they finally reveal the changes they’ve made to a home to get inspired.

But what’s so special about the kitchen that it’s considered so important? According to contractor and designer Jonathan Scott this is a high traffic area, which they conceive as the heart of the house. “It’s where family and friends gather, and where life memories are made”, he explains.


Adapting to the new reality and renovating in 5 steps


The production of their successful TV show franchise (Property Brothers, Property Brothers: Forever Home, and Brother vs Brother) has not stopped in the midst of this coronavirus contingency. However, the Scotts told Variety Magazine that they had to make a series of considerations in their work structure to move forward.

The proactive siblings also stated in several recent interviews that a lot has changed with this contingency in terms of the focus of renovations. In this regard, the Scotts point out that the new reality has made many families request not only the creation of home offices, but also restructuring the kitchen as a social environment.

However, since the majority of their renovation secrets for the kitchen remain intact, we have made a list of 5 tips Drew and Jonathan would give you to renovate your kitchen and adapt it to this new reality.


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  1. Open kitchens and spacious dining rooms

The signature style of the Scott brothers is open concept kitchens, and this is currently maintained among their renovation standards. This means that the kitchen remains as a ventilated place, with a central island (if the space allows it) and countertops from materials that are easy to clean, as well as non-porous to prevent microorganisms from growing in them.

Something new in this regard is the reemergenceof the dining room. “It was less important to have a large formal dining room, because families ate out a lot. But this is a time where people are actually shifting back around. The dining area is going to be very important, as people are dining together at home in the new normal”, says Jonathan Scott.


  1. More space for storage

“People are asking for storage solutions”, More pantry space and a larger refrigerator are, according to the brothers, the standard that designers and architects will need to consider when designing and renovating kitchens.


  1. Modern, energy-efficient appliances

Known for loving quality before quantity, the Scott brothers suggest equipping the kitchen with reliable, modern appliances. “Modern kitchen appliances are not only more energy efficient, but also make your life easier since they can be programmed via smartphones and connected to your home network”.

Also, the Canadian duo invite you to choose appliances with built-in installations such as ovens, as these are a good option to take care of your back and avoid accidents when you bend over.


  1. Two-tones

A typical Scott secret is the use of more than one shade of color in the kitchen. With the combination of the color of cabinet doors or color degrading between the backsplash and the countertops, they have shown that you don’t have to be afraid of textures and colors in this area of the home.


  1. Don’t be afraid of mixing

Another tip is not to be afraid of mixing materials and styles to create more interesting designs. Drew and Jonathan believe that one of the easiest ways to transform a kitchen is to give it personality through eclectic touches. That’s why they usually place rustic pieces or vintage furniture in the kitchen, along with modern appliances and sophisticated lines that’ll add a distinctive touch to this room.

With these tips from the most popular renovation experts of the moment you’ll be able to create a plan to renovate the kitchen and adjust it to the new reality that we live in due to COVID.


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