Thermador Pro Grand PRD48WISGU: a range that combines the best of two worlds.


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Thermador combines the best of two worlds in the kitchen with the Pro Grand Range model PRD48WISGU. The famous brand did what seemed impossible in this state-of-the-art generation range: combined the charm of a gas range with the modernism of induction. How is that possible? We’ll tell how.

As you already know, both induction and gas ranges have their fans. Both sides have solid arguments that try to convince you to forget about the idea of using the opposite type of appliance. With this in mind and wishing to offer the benefits of both types of ranges, Thermador created the Pro Grand model PRD48WISGU.

The result? A range worthy of a professional with a bold design. Made entirely of stainless-steel, this range has a color TFT interface whose wireless connectivity allows it to interact with smart devices via Wi-Fi. This feature will not only give you the opportunity to apply custom controls to your range, but also allow you to receive notifications and remote diagnosis of it through the Home Connect app.

As if that wasn’t enough, by connecting the range to your smart phone -thanks to the app- you’ll be able to access a recipe book with tips and videos that’ll make cooking and baking not only nicer but easier.


The best of the world of induction


As we said before, the Pro Grand Range model PRD48WISGU by Thermador comes with the multi-zone Liberty Induction module that brings to your kitchen the latest in terms of cooking performance and flexibility thanks to the Boost and Heat Shift systems of the brand.

The Thermador Heat Shift system, for example, will allow you to change the power level by simply moving the pot around the cooking area. Certainly, this avantgarde space in the appliance is perfect to prepare recipes that require several levels of heat or that involve various steps such as going from sautéing to simmering.


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The Pan Boost included in this appliance is ideal for cooking with oil in a frying pan. Pan Boost technology provides 30 seconds of maximum power, then automatically lowers the heat to continue cooking. And since Thermador doesn’t leave anything to chance, this unit is also Star-K Kosher certified.


The best in the world of gas cooking


The gas part of this range has 6 burners (Pedestal Star®) installed on the QuickClean Base® that facilitate cleaning the appliance. Also, the arrangement of the structure provides this range with excellent heat distribution for pans of any size. And if we add to all this that it has both high power burners (20,000 BTU front right) and low power burners (ExtraLow® Simmer, 375 BTU), then you’ll understand that this appliance is really a gem.

And of course we cannot forget to mention that this range has two ovens and a warming drawer that’ll become your best friends. Why? Well, because the first two are steam and convection ovens that have multiple cooking modes.

Besides, they have the Steam Clean function, which means you can keep them spotless  without the chemical smell of traditional self-cleaning ovens. But if you don’t think this is good enough, we want you to know that the warming drawer is “very spacious”, when we say “very”, we mean that is has a capacity for ten plates. Yes, what you just read.

As you can see, this appliance has pretty much everything. So, if you were thinking about renovating your range, then the Pro Grand Range model PRD48WISGU by Thermador should be at the top of your list.


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