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Vintage in the kitchen? Well, yes. You can certainly do it if you know how to incorporate it with subtlety, good taste, and without being afraid.

This style that has been so successful in terms of interior decoration, has decided to enter the kitchen through the front door. With retro touches that bring glamour to this space of the home, the vintage style also has the support of important brands -such as the Italian SMEG– to assist you with this trend that, according to the decorators, is here to stay for a while.

However, one of the difficulties of decorating the kitchen with this style is that in our minds the word “vintage” immediately relates to “old” or “antique,” which isn’t necessarily true. There are decorative elements in this style that, despite being inspired in old fashion trends, have nothing to do with outdated items. So, the first thing to do -to dare to try this trend- is to get rid of this absurd idea that makes you resistant to welcome this style to this room of the house.


A basic notions of what vintage means

An element or piece must meet three basic criteria to have a place in the kitchen: style, functionality, and hygiene. If what we want to incorporate to the kitchen complies with these aspects, then you may add it successfully.

This decorative trend has all that and more, you just have to know its basic notions to learn how to combine them and take advantage of the same. So, here’s a guide with 5 pillars that’ll help you give a vintage twist to your kitchen in 2021:


  1. This style is characterized by a very specific set of colors. So, the color palette of this decorative trend is based on previous decades, but especially the 50’s and 60’s. This translates into the use of shades that range from mint green and pale yellow to pale blue and sage, which can be combined with a discreet white, a sophisticated black or an aggressive red. These colors can have room in the kitchen through cabinets, walls, appliances, and furniture, but it all depends on your taste and of course the vision you want to give to the kitchen.

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  1. Textures are another distinctive touch that brings what’s vintage to life. These can be gracefully incorporated into the kitchen through the use of wood in floors, furniture, and utensils, as well as in the curtains, tablecloths, and decorative baskets. A very emblematic texture within this trend is copper. Pots made of this material serve as ornaments or as part of the utensils, adding a rustic touch to this style.


  1. Floors and tiles. Checkered floors or with geometric motifs, as well as small tiles from the 70’s or square or rectangular tiles, are typical of the vintage style, so make the most of it.


  1. If there’s a brand that’s ahead of the game in this aspect is certainly SMEG. Its line Fab50 is clearly inspired in this glamorous decade, which helps give a retro vibe to the kitchen with functional and high-tech appliances (see 4 reasons that make Smeg the brand of designers).


  1. Furniture and decoration. Taking advantage of the furniture you’ve inherited, as well as second-hand items, can be helpful to create a vintage atmosphere in the kitchen. Wood, pewter, metal, and plastic are materials that can guide you in this treasure hunt to find the perfect pieces in family attics, garage sales or flea markets. It’s also a good idea to take a look at decorative elements of novel designers, many of which are inspired by details from previous decades to create chairs, stools, and tables that are perfect for this decorative style.

 With all this data handy, you will be able to dare to take your first steps towards creating a vintage style in your kitchen with the certainty that you’ll get excellent results. Good luck!


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