Tower C: the next-generation skyscraper created by ZHA


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This breathtaking state-of-the-art skyscraper-park designed by Zaha Hadid Architects is certainly full of surprises. The project that won the competition organized by Shenzhen Bay Super Headquarters Base will be the heart of a major financial and business center in Shenzhen, China, serving the metropolitan area of Guangdong Bay, Hong Kong, and Macau.


This complex designed by ZHA consists of two large buildings connected by a multi-story bridge and winding green terraces. The project will become the home of China’s most important companies and also a new public space accessible to all citizens.


In other words, Tower C will be a state-of-the-art mega building. This double skyscraper will include offices, conference and exhibition rooms, apartments, a hotel, shops, restaurants, and cafes. Also, it’ll accommodate up to 300 thousand employees. This means that more than a skyscraper, Tower C will be a vertical city with everything you need to live comfortably.



3D modeling

Torre C is a project based on the innovative 3D modeling tools developed by ZHA. The final design will measure about 400 meters and will be wrapped in double-insulated glass. Additionally, the building will have vertical channels that’ll incorporate natural and hybrid ventilation with environmental control for each floor.


As it’s the case with other Zaha Hadid Architects projects, Tower C will be equipped with water collection and treatment systems, as well as photovoltaic panels that’ll generate electricity to supply the entire area, which means that this is going to be a self-sustaining, smart skyscraper.

An interesting detail about this project is that the architects connected it to the urban landscape, expanding Shenzhen’s subway network and integrating a staggered base to interconnect it to the adjacent park and create a new public space. The ZHA team also thought about pedestrians, so they included public transportation stops, large parking spaces for bicycles and charging facilities for electric cars.


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The skyscraper of the new times

The work itself will be an example of avant-garde architecture to follow in the years to come. It’ll be connected to the district’s smart management systems, allowing the continuous monitoring of the external and internal conditions of the complex. In fact, the press release issued by ZHA explains that indoor environmental controls will be adjusted in real time to reduce energy consumption with high-efficiency equipment that’ll allow the optimization of the chiller plant within the district’s central networks.


To all this we must add the modern system of water collection and recycling, as well as the already mentioned photovoltaic energy, which has become the signature of Zaha Hadid Architects for quite some time.


An eye-catching detail about Tower C is that there will be aquaponics gardens on all terrace levels, which will biologically filter pollutants from the local environment. Similarly, the architectural firm ensures that low volatility organic composite materials will be installed to minimize contaminants and particles inside.


In this sense, Tower C is proof that ZHA is clearly betting on the creation of environmentally friendly buildings. In fact, to increase efficiency and wellbeing, Tower C material procurement will focus on built-in carbon reductions and recycled materials.


So, with Tower C, ZHA once again moves ahead in the goal of being guarantors of the latest generation of architecture.


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