Where do I put the refrigerator? 8 tips to solve the dilemma




The refrigerator is one of the fundamental pieces of our kitchen and as such, its location in the work triangle is important. However, this appliance that we use to store most of the perishable food, has essential requirements that must be considered when choosing a space for it.


As this is one of the largest household appliances, choosing its location tends to be complicated. However, there are basic rules for its installation regardless of the size of your kitchen.


Therefore, the starting rule of all the ones we are going to share with you is to evaluate the size of the kitchen or the space available in it, before buying the appliance. The refrigerator should adapt to both your food storage needs and the location where it will be placed.




4 basic rules


Our 8 tips start with 4 basic rules for the location of this appliance in the kitchen:

  1. Respect the work triangle. The work triangle is an area of movement used by interior designers to make the kitchen a productive and ergonomic space. It places the refrigerator, sink, and cooktop or range at a distance between 122 cm and 275 cm.
  2. Keep it away from hot areas. You should never put a refrigerator near a frequent heat source such as the range/cooktop or oven, or in front of windows because excessive exposure to light and direct heat can damage the appliance.
  3. Never forget ventilation. Generally, the refrigerator is placed against a wall. Although this position is not bad in theory, you must remember that this appliance needs ventilation, which is why you must leave a distance of 15 cm between the wall and the appliance if you want to put it against a wall. The same 15-cm rule applies if the appliance is recessed. But in this situation, it’s also advisable to leave an area of at least 1 cm on each side to avoid scratches and allow air circulation. Remember that your refrigerator is constantly generating heat.
  4. Close to electricity and clean water pipes. Having a dedicated electrical outlet for the refrigerator will even allow you to place a voltage regulator to keep the appliance safe from power losses. Placing it near clean water pipes applies if the refrigerator has an ice or water dispenser, otherwise, it’s not necessary.




4 ideas to choose its location


After considering the above rules it’s time for creativity when it comes to the location of the refrigerator in the kitchen.

  1. A privileged position. Today’s refrigerators are as big, wide, or beautiful as you want. The market is full of options willing to satisfy not only your storage needs but also your aesthetic requirements, which is why many designers have forgotten about the work triangle rule and have placed this appliance in areas far from the normal frame. This applies to large kitchens, where it’s normal to have a small undercounter version of this appliance to facilitate the work while cooking.
  2. On the side. This is believed to be the perfect location for the refrigerator. In linear-type kitchens, the refrigerator is the closing element that makes the work triangle remain.
  3. At an angle. Why not? Some spaces are usually wasted, and if the refrigerator fits in one of them you should use it to add a different touch to your kitchen.
  4. This is also very fashionable. Many brands agree to customize the doors so that the built-in refrigerator goes unnoticed. It’s a matter of taste.


As you can see, these 8 tips will provide you not only with innovative ideas to place your refrigerator, but also help you optimize its useful life and take care of the investment you made. (See also How to organize the refrigerator in 5 steps).



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