Indoors or outdoors, Scotsman adds a touch of pleasure to your cocktail bar


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Scotsman has no problem admitting that the Brilliance® ice nuggets of its appliances are addictive. The soft, chewy ice that absorbs the flavor of drinks is a guilty pleasure that the cocktail industry has relied on to make drinks (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) that create an experience that tends to be repeated. This is the trick that some parents are using now to get the little ones to drink natural beverages, enjoy smoothies and even consume the necessary amount of water on hot days.


In addition, this brand, which manufactures ice machines that can be part of your indoor or outdoor kitchen, understands that ending the day with a mojito, or enjoying an afternoon at the pool with the family and a refreshing drink with lots of clear, soft, chewy ice, is something that everyone dreams of, and they can make a reality. It’s no coincidence that their  Brilliance® Nugget Ice Machine, Model SCN60 is one of the best sellers of its kind in the market.


But of course, it’s not all about the pleasure of making that commercial ice that we all love, at home. The preference for this appliance has to do with everything it can offer in the outdoor or indoor kitchen, including the possibility to use it in the presentation of homemade gourmet dishes that can surprise the palate and the eyes of your guests.


La Cuisine International


Ice flakes all year round

Presenting cold dishes on a thick layer of small ice nuggets is a visual pleasure that you can only enjoy having a Brilliance® Nugget Ice Machine, Model SCN60. The famous Brilliance® nuggets, which are made from pieces of compacted ice flakes, are the ideal element to serve oysters, shrimp, and other seafood delights that you want to offer at parties or meals at home, without breaking the cold chain they need.


But the best part of it all is that you won’t have to worry about running out of ice. This Scotsman appliance produces up to 80 pounds of ice nuggets in 24 hours. So, you won’t need anything else because you’ll always have the ice you need.


One thing you’ll probably be interested to know is that this is a compact (15″ wide) weather-resistant appliance that can be placed inside or outside your home. Additionally, it’s an efficient appliance that uses 40% less energy and over 50% less water than dedicated ice machines.


Easy to use, the Brilliance® Nugget Ice Machine is a smart appliance with an intuitive control panel that lets you know if it’s on, if it’s low on water, and even if it’s time to clean it. Available with a built-in drain pump, Scotsman allows this appliance to be customized with the possibility to incorporate wood paneling to match your kitchen cabinets.


So, you can freely succumb to the temptation to install this ice machine at home because it will be an investment that you’ll always be grateful to have.



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