SF4604WMC NRK by SMEG: an oven with an impressive resume


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When you’re looking for an appliance to do the job of being the kitchen oven, you need to be meticulous and review the resumes of potential candidates. You will certainly come across many possibilities while doing this task, but we assure you that no contender will have a better resume to hold that position in your home than the SF4604WMC NRK by SMEG.


This affirmation is based on the multiple qualities of this appliance. However, if we had to choose just one to highlight, it would be the innovative microwave technology of this compact (45 cm) speed oven.


The combination oven SF4604WMC NRK by SMEG offers you 30% faster cooking than the conventional way, which means that it’s the perfect ally for those modern homes where eating, especially for lunch, must be done quickly. Also, its Thermoseal technology, exclusive of this renowned Italian brand, creates and maintains the ideal cooking environment, so you’ll always have delicious roasts and crispy cakes.


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Higher education and specializations

Thanks to the SmartSense Plus system, this is a device that can offer your kitchen 15 basic functions, plus an additional 56 thanks to guided cooking programs (64 customizable recipes) to ensure that you’ll always get consistent cooking results. This oven has a capacity of 40L, and 3 levels of cooking that give you the flexibility to cook what you want, and when you want.


While this is a high-tech electric oven, it can be easily operated intuitively through the TFT Color Touch screen thanks to its innovative Vivo Screen Display system. Likewise, you can choose to program any function through your phone by connecting it to your Wi-Fi.


The SF4604WMC NRK oven by SMEG belongs to the Dolce Stil Novo line and has a copper or stainless-steel finish that, along with the glossy black nerovista glass on the outside, makes it a masterpiece ready to be the center of attention.


Given its experience in the market, SMEG has provided this kitchen oven candidate with interesting skills, certifications, and elements that we believe are important to mention:


  • Defrosting modes: the defrosting system of this appliance is favored by the activation of a special fan that guarantees an even distribution of air at room temperature inside the oven. You can also thaw any food or dish by time or by weight in this oven.
  • Ultraclean cleaning program: the Ultraclean program, which ends with an antibacterial rinse at 70°C, guarantees additional bactericidal action and deep cleaning of the oven.
  • Fermentation Mode: ideal for making homemade pizzas and bread.
  • Heater mode: keep your dishes ready to eat without over-exposing them to heat or burning.
  • Sabbath Mode: this is one of the brand’s ovens that has a FedTech certification (CERTIFICATE OF SHABBOS COMPLIANCE OVENS).
  • Telescopic guides: this appliance has telescopic guides that can be easily mounted or removed so you can insert and remove the trays in and out of the oven. This feature guarantees you safety during the verification of cooking and the extraction of food, as you don’t have to put your hand inside a hot oven.


So, the application has been submitted, and it only depends on you to decide to hire this combination oven that has the best resume on the market. (Read also 3 Magic Tips to Clean the Oven).



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