Tips to take full advantage of a small kitchen


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Today’s homes are smaller than they used to be in the past, hence creativity and good taste are essential to take full advantage of the space available. That being said, having a reduced space doesn’t mean that you can’t have the kitchen of your dreams.


The secret to this task is using what you have available and remembering that the best appliances also come in small formats. So, with a few recommendations in terms of color and distribution, your kitchen can be a functional and beautiful space to enjoy with guests.


With that in mind, we have compiled a list of ideas to help you decorate your mini kitchen.



Glass-ceramic to the rescue


In a kitchen with limited space, glass-ceramic cooktops are an ideal choice because they fit into countertops liberating space that can be used for storage, or to install other appliances.


Also, with the necessary precautions, certain cooktops can work as a countertop when you are not using them, so they provide an organized, smooth, and spacious appearance due to their simple aesthetic. (take a look at Invisacook’s Invisible cooktop)



Retractable extractor hoods


Traditional kitchen extractor hoods don’t work in compact kitchens, plus the current trends point to choosing design extractor hoods or lamps that are decorative and allow you to use the space for cabinets.


If you like minimalism, you’ll love retractable extractors hoods that are visible only when you use them, so these appliances offer more space available over the countertop and are a convenient solution for a simple kitchen design. (read also Falmec and the beauty of simplicity)



Solid colors and smooth surfaces

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Most brands of appliances offer a broad range of colors in their products, which is a great option for compact-size kitchens because the use of solid colors conveys spaciousness, refinement, and modernism.


Keeping the doors of cabinets and pantries smooth, and without handles, contributes to achieving this effect, and if they match the countertops, even better. Light-colored floors and enough lighting are other tricks that help give the kitchen a relaxed atmosphere.



Choosing strategically


Since the market offers an overwhelming variety of appliances, our recommendation is to start by measuring the space you have available in the kitchen, so you can study the options and make a smart purchase.


At La Cuisine International, we are always ahead of time, knowing that today’s homes require compact product lines so you can have high-end appliances in your small-size kitchen. (discover what Bosch has to offer to your kitchen –


We invite you to take some time to visit our website, with the measurements of your space handy, so you can choose the best appliances that’ll help you have the mini kitchen of your dreams.


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