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“What you don’t see, won’t burn you,” is the motto of Invisacook, a cooking system that offers what seemed impossible until now: an invisible cooktop. But that’s not all.

Invisacook offers the possibility of cooking quickly and efficiently without the typical equipment of a cooktop or range, and also without all the risks that this implies.  In short, this brand promises -and delivers- a true innovation in terms of the aesthetics and operation of the kitchen.



Recovering spaces


Certainly, the cooktop or range is the most important appliance and the one that gives meaning to the kitchen. However, many brands propose to transform the cooktop or range into increasingly large and heavy complex systems that take up valuable space in kitchens, which in modern homes are not necessarily larger.


In the search for solutions to recover useful spaces in this area of the home and to offer innovation, safety, and quality, Invisacook developed a system of invisible cooktops that can be adapted to almost any surface. These offer the possibility of transforming the countertop, island, or pantry table into a modern and safe cooktop.


These are electric cooktops that are installed beneath the countertops, as long as they are 1.5 cm thick maximum, which can heat up  the surface,  turning it into an induction cooktop where you can cook directly. To achieve this effect, Invisacook recommends that the surfaces be granite, porcelain, ceramic, or other ultra-compact material such as marble, which are ideal for withstanding high temperatures without sacrificing their shine or texture and are perfect conductors of heat.


These systems work in the same way as induction cooktops, so the pots and pans used must be specially designed for this type of cooktop.




Safety first


As we already mentioned, Invisacook cooktops work based on the same principle as induction cooktops. That is, they only conduct heat when in contact with compatible pots or pans.


So the countertop can be used safely when you aren’t cooking, with no risk of burns whatsoever. Since  the cooktop disappears when it’  not being used, some customers consider placing stickers on the top to mark the location of the burner.


When it comes to the controls, these can be located in a small drawer that is installed under the countertop, placed as a panel over it, or vertically on the edge. But since it is a smart appliance; it can also be operated remotely via cellphone thanks to its Internet connection.


Invisacook systems are especially recommended in small spaces, such as studio kitchens, boats, or offices, where one or two burners can be installed. However, they can also be a great four-burner solution in those kitchens where the design takes center stage. For example, who wants to cut a beautiful marble top to install a traditional cooktop? This is when the Invisacook appears as the perfect option to avoid breaking the harmony of the countertop and add a touch of modernism and sophistication to the kitchen.


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