Falmec and the beauty of simplicity


Falmec Draf Down


Falmec knows well the beauty of simplicity. Therefore, this Italian brand offers lovers of simplicity and elegance its Down Draft kitchen extraction hood, which aside from operating with maximum efficiency, retracts when it’s not necessary, providing greater space and simplicity to the kitchen without sacrificing the signature effectiveness of the brand.


Contrary to other trends, Falmec offers the possibility of hiding the extractor hood, refreshing the view of the kitchen, and providing a feeling of greater spaciousness and sophistication. This is an ideal option for minimalists and those who simply love technology and enjoy, more than an appliance, a gadget that takes the culinary act to a higher level of technicality and modernism.


Now you see it, now you don’t

The Falmec kitchen extraction hood is designed to recede into the kitchen countertop and has a retractable function so it can be stored while not in use. It’s ideal for electric or gas cooktops located on island countertops, as it has a peripheral extraction process that collects steam and grease in the environment, reducing odors and the accumulation of dirt around it.


Operated with digital control on a very intuitive top panel, the extractor hood is raised and hidden at will, and can be programmed by scheduling with a 24-hour function. However, if the user loves remote controls, the possibility of a remote control can also be included as an accessory.


Falmec Draf Down 


Changing the air

The Down Draft range of kitchen extractor hoods by Falmec work by recirculating kitchen air through a removable, washable grease filter that can be placed in the dishwasher for added convenience. The extractor hood’s body is available in Scotch Brite stainless steel or black enamel and the top of the appliance – where the control panel is located – is covered with refractory glass.


This innovative kitchen extractor hood has an LED lamp and can be installed in three varieties: 48″ in stainless steel, and 36″ in either stainless steel or enamel. The extractor hood must be installed at a maximum distance of 2” from the cooktop to ensure maximum efficiency. Its motor is sold separately and requires storage space close to the cooktop.


So, are you ready to take the next step to modernize your kitchen with Falmec?


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