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The Pitt brand brings to the market the heat of volcanic fire in the trio of burners Cusin. This is a set of independent burners that’s ideal for regular size kitchens, which can be adapted with total freedom when it comes to its of location on a countertop.


In this way, all the heat of the Colombian volcanoes reaches your kitchen through a very sophisticated cooktop system that will make cooking a freer, simpler, and more creative activity.


Cooking without limitations


On a conventional cooktop, the space between burners is often a constraint. Matching the size of pots and pans, and their corresponding handles is not always easy in the confined space of a gas cooktop.


In the end, the tendency is to leave one or two of the burners unused to maintain safety. This obviously has an impact on cooking time, and even on gas consumption if the burner is not large enough for the pot in use.


Pitt burners solve this problem since they are an individualized system with a practical installation on any type of countertop. As a result, you can not only place or arrange them at the distance and shape that best suits you, but you can also use all of them at the same time, increasing your kitchen’s efficiency.



In the case of the Cusin model, there are three burners of assorted sizes. A special one for woks, whose grill prevents accidents, a second smaller diameter burner for regular pots or pans and finally, a small size burner ideal for small pots, kettles, and coffee pots. All this translates into a trio of incredible possibilities for preparing a variety of dishes at the same time.


Additionally, these burners have flame protection, increasing the safety of their use, even though they don’t have the traditional tray of a conventional cooktop. Besides, the manufacturing material of this system makes them compatible with almost any type of countertop, so they will be a perfect addition to your kitchen, regardless of its design or decoration.


Design and comfort


Pitt‘s Cusin burners come in three different presentations: the original edition made of aluminum, the professional edition, assembled in a heavier and more resistant brass for more frequent use, and the black finish edition which is also assembled in brass, but with a more sophisticated look.

As you may have noticed, these are systems created to meet diverse needs that also include independent controls for each burner with the freedom to be installed aesthetically.


The versatility of the Pitt system allows you to design the layout of your cooktop in a smart and modern way, leaving the classic format in the past. The possibility of combining different Pitt burner packages can translate into a fun, sophisticated and, above all, safe and powerful kitchen station.


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