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When the most important celebrations of the year are approaching, we start thinking about the allies we have at home that’ll help us excel at those events. These are days when our minds continuously think about the lovely aspects of getting together as a family to enjoy delicious food and traditions.


December is a month that is eagerly awaited in homes everywhere, as it marks the beginning of the festive season of the year. However, this time can bring headaches to those who are not well-equipped. And that’s when the workstations manufactured by The Galley  can save the day because they provide organization, effectiveness and style, as well as a creative space to involve everyone in the preparation and tasting of traditional dishes.



Allies to the rescue


Regardless of where you come from or how old you are, there is something undeniable: Christmas carols, lights and Christmas trees can make us forget about the not-so-positive events of the year. A childish joy takes over us and experiencing again those emotions connected to the typical dishes of the holidays becomes a priority.


Once we get into holiday mode, there’s no stopping us, whether it comes to enjoying pork, turkey, Venezuelan Hallacas or gingerbread cookies at home. That’s why having one of The Galley’s Ideal Workstations at home will help us have a more strategic and simpler distribution of snacks, beverages and more.


These workstations are a gem because they offer organization, space utilization and aesthetics, thus becoming an intuitive guide to the movement of guests in the kitchen.

Baking Cupcakes at the Ideal Workstation 3S
Baking Cupcakes at the Ideal Workstation 3S


Even if you have a small kitchen, a station like the Ideal Workstation 4S can be a great addition at your dinner or holiday gathering. This system includes, in a small area, elements such as a double bowl for washing up, covered by a lid and tray in which the stainless-steel colander can be adapted on two levels, a bowl, a drying rack and two cutting boards for a complete equipment that can be customized to suit your needs.


This means that you can use the different elements to set up a beverage area or to organize a space to fill it with cheese or snacks. It’s all a matter of putting, removing, or adding additional accessories as if they were Lego pieces, to make your work in the kitchen easier.


In this way, both the preparation of food and the cleaning of the kitchen are also simpler since you’ll have an efficient, and compact work area with an enviable design. To top it off, the installation of an Ideal Workstation  like the 4S is so trouble-free that you are still in time to include it in your list of requirements for the preparation of Christmas dinner, New Year’s Eve or even one of those gatherings you have with friends just for fun before or after these dates.


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