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Preserving your wines at home is already an accomplishment, but if you want to keep them well cared for and start a collection, then you cannot be satisfied with just having a wine cabinet, you must have a wine refrigerator like the model HWC515 by U-Line. The main reason is that this appliance will not only allow you to keep your precious wines at the right temperature and position, just like a wine cellar but also store them as if they were jewels.


Now, knowing this, you may be wondering, where can I place an appliance like this? The location that will come to mind immediately as the most logical one is the kitchen. But you should know that this isn’t necessarily the best place.


This has nothing to do with the cooking temperatures or the other appliances that will share the space with your wine refrigerator. That’s not the case, and we will explain why.


A wine refrigerator such as the model HWC515 by U-Line is an appliance that can be placed in the dining room or the library. This appliance made of elegant and sober stainless steel (inside and out), can be integrated into a piece of furniture because its door is customizable or used independently since its design won’t clash with the surrounding decoration.


So, you don’t have to worry about where, but rather about how you will get the most out of this device. What do we mean? You’ll see.



U-Line accompanies you to start your wine collection

Let’s say you have recently got into the wine scene, and you are absolutely in love with the subject. However, you haven’t decided on a particular wine and would like to explore grape varieties. This means that you are going to start a personal exploratory collection, so you should have space to keep rosé, red and white wine in your wine cellar.


If that’s your idea, the model HWC515 by U-Line is the perfect choice. This 15″ wine refrigerator allows you to store 28 bottles of wine (750 ml) in extendable wine racks, which is certainly an interesting number for starting a private wine collection motivated by the desire to enjoy the beverage per se.


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An interesting piece of advice given by winemakers and specialists in wine matters to those who want to start a collection is that the important thing is to focus on the styles of wine that you like. That is, those that catch your attention by their label, their properties, their vineyard, in short, by those special details that in your eyes make a bottle special.


However, other experts, such as sommeliers, insist that the wines in a home collection should primarily suit the palate and style of the home kitchen.


In this sense, this appliance by U-Line is also perfect for this purpose. Having a convection cooling system, this refrigerator will not only offer you the diversity provided by a fast and constant temperature adjustment, which will allow them to be at the ideal temperature since it has a latest generation variable speed compressor.



Daring, the slogan that makes a wine collection interesting

Another very useful suggestion that all experts make to those who want to start building a collection is to dare. Try wines! Make notes, compare, follow blogs, read magazines and, above all, visit vineyards or attend tastings to find out what’s new.


All of this will broaden your view and educate your palate. Learn about food pairing or create your own. Nowadays, wine pairing has taken a turn. Research about the difference in the origins, the importance of the age of the wines, and above all, what kind of wines have or don’t have aging potential. Because yes, these beverages are not eternal, they were made to be enjoyed.


Other interesting things you should start to know, if you want to have a good wine collection, is the data offered by the reviews and scores of wine writers and the recognitions that the wines you have at home have. This, aside from giving you an interesting topic of conversation when serving them, will offer you the opportunity to better understand their flavors, and above all to learn to differentiate between what is good, what you like, and what is just “marketing.”


With all this information in your hands and an ally like the model HWC515 by U-Line, we can only toast to that collection that your friends and family will enjoy. Cheers!


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