3 Golden rules to care for your household’s appliances


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Appliances are an important investment in the home, but they are often forgotten once installed, leaving their maintenance at the bottom of the to-do list.


To ensure the efficiency of these household tools and extend their useful life, it’s essential to take certain precautions and remember to properly maintain them. Here are 3 golden rules to take care of your precious household appliances.



1.-Read the instruction manual


Although it may seem obvious, the truth is that many times the instruction manual is completely ignored. This is the source to get key and specific information about your new appliance, and how it should be installed and maintained over time.



The user manual should become your best friend, especially if you’re dealing with a smart appliance, which combines traditional functions with the Internet of Things, requiring timely programming to meet the user’s requirements.


The reason behind this is very simple. In the instruction manual, you can find the answers to the questions that often arise when cleaning and even using the appliance.


So, if you don’t know where you put the manual for the oven or refrigerator you just bought, look on the brand’s website. Many times you can find a downloadable pdf version of the manual there.


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2.- Check the power outlets


Before plugging in and starting to use your new appliances, it is important to verify that the power outlets are in good condition. In other words, if they work correctly, if they have not previously short-circuited with any other appliance, and if they are of the necessary type of electric current.


This will not only prevent the appliance from overloading, but also from burning out or melting. If you live in a house that is more than 10 years old, having the power outlets checked by an electrician is an important precaution.


But, there’s something else you need to know- whenever electrical appliances are not in use, it is advisable to unplug them to prevent the remaining electric current from damaging them or a voltage change from affecting them.


Another recommendation, if possible, is to avoid using extension cords, especially when it comes to permanent use appliances such as the refrigerator, the kitchen extractor hood, or the washing machine. It’s also important to avoid plugging in more than one appliance per power outlet.



3.- Study your home to find the right place


When choosing the place that a new appliance will occupy, it’s necessary to think about more than just the functionality of the decoration. The idea is to place them in the most convenient location so that they work optimally and at the same time, avoid accidents.


The refrigerator, for example, shouldn’t be located near major heat sources such as the oven or next to the window, if sunlight enters through it and hits it directly. Avoiding this will ensure that the motor won’t exert too much effort to keep the refrigerator cool.


Occasional use appliances such as blenders shouldn’t be located near water sources to avoid short circuits. Gas stoves shouldn’t be installed near windows as sudden air could cause flames to get out of control.


So, before enjoying the wonders of a new appliance, you must think about safety and the necessary conditions to take full advantage of it. Remember, some common sense and advice are excellent guides to finding the safest kitchen appliance layout.


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