Smeg takes coffee to another level


Smeg coffee machine


We’re already used to the best technology when it comes to the brand Smeg, but in this case, its coffee machine, Dolce Stil Novo, takes the concept of functionality to another level. Why? Well, because the brand has concentrated its efforts to make sure this appliance allows the user to focus on enjoying their favorite beverage, leaving the cleaning, maintenance, and even the details of the preparation to the coffee machine.


Thus, the Dolce Stil Novo allows the preparation of up to 13 different hot beverages. This includes all varieties of coffee, plus hot water for tea, and infusions.


Each of the coffee varieties has an adjustable bean grinding level thanks to its grinder. The serving temperature can also be adjusted to three possible levels so that the user doesn’t have to wait for their coffee to cool down.


The level of customization of this Smeg automatic coffee machine goes as far as the ability to adjust the foam, both in terms of quantity and thickness. Plus, you can also choose the size of the beverage. In this case, the appliance will offer you five different levels. All this can be programmed to serve two completely different coffees – or infusions – at the same time.


Smeg coffee machine


Fully automatic


Preparing a good coffee is a pleasure that can turn into a nightmare when you must deal with a machine that is complicated to clean and maintain. This is a concern that no one who owns a Dolce Stil Novo will have to worry about.


The machine has an automatic rinsing function at every switch on/off that eliminates coffee residues at the time of use, thus preserving the purity of the beverage’s flavor. Also, the coffee machine has an automatic decalcification system, washing the calcium residues with hard water to keep the hoses and valves permanently clean.



The elegance of Smeg


The Dolce Stil Novo responds to the characteristic elegance of Smeg, which takes care of every detail when it comes to design. This translates into a coffee machine that, aside from being an item that’ll make your meetings and moments of relaxation more enjoyable, will also add beauty to your kitchen or office.


The Dolce Stil Novo has a glossy black finish combined with copper and metallic details with a front TFT soft-touch LED display. Certainly, a purchase that will elevate your coffee and your meetings to a new level of enjoyment and style with all the guarantees of Smeg technology.


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