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Summer is just around the corner, and with it comes the desire to make the most of outdoor activities. While baking is not traditionally done in the backyard, now it’s possible to include it on the list thanks to the Pro Kamado grill and smoker by Caliber.


This appliance is a new ally in the outdoor kitchen that will allow you not only to grill, barbecue, and smoke, but to also bake and roast your favorite foods. This means you can make everything from meats to desserts in the comfort and spaciousness of your garden.


How? Keep reading to find out.




Cooking in all its forms


For those who believe that “less is more,” those who don’t have enough space in their gardenthose who simply enjoy the practicality of well-designed appliances, the Pro Kamado is a solution that’ll satisfy, with style and aesthetics, even the most demanding cooks.


While the beauty and elegance of this piece of equipment may be considered a focal point of outdoor culinary entertainment, this grill is more than that. It’s a triple-layer insulated charcoal grill with different cooking levels, where you can smoke, grill, roast, and bake with the unparalleled flavor of charcoal in a 22″ diameter body, being the lightest and smallest product in the outdoor line by Caliber.


The main advantage of Caliber’s Pro Kamado grill is that its three layers of insulation keep heat and moisture concentrated inside the appliance. This results in food that is crispy on the outside, but juicy and tender on the inside. In short: a spectacle of flavor and aroma for the senses.


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Another wonderful feature of Caliber’s Pro Kamado is its patented rotisserie system. Unique in the industry, it provides even and intense cooking to accentuate the flavor of meats.


Safety, mobility, and style


In the Caliber’s Pro Kamado grill, heat stays in, never out. So, thanks to its heat-resistant shell, your guests can accompany you while you cook without any fear of accidents, and even its stainless-steel handles are safe to touch.


The variety of colors in which the Pro Kamado grill by Caliber is available will also please all aesthetics, and the lightweight and portable design will allow you to bring the fun and quality of healthy food everywhere you go, to the delight of the whole family.


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